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  1. Talk to Her movie review & film summary (2002) | Roger Ebert

    Dec 25, 2002 · A man cries in the opening scene of Pedro Almodovar's "Talk to Her," but although unspeakably sad things are to happen later in the movie, these tears are shed during a theater performance. Onstage, a woman wanders as if blind or dazed, and a man scurries to move obstacles out of her way--chairs, tables. Sometimes she blunders into the wall.

  2. Audience Reviews for Talk to Her. Mar 23, 2014. Almodovars drama Talk to Her, is his most acclaimed film. A noticeable flaw is some contradiction in character, a bull fighter who fears a snake is ...

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    Directed by George Englund. With Marlon Brando, Eiji Okada, Sandra Church, Pat Hingle. An ambitious scholar becomes the ambassador of Sarkan, a southeast Asian country where civil war is brewing.

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  5. The Ugly American - Movie Reviews

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  6. The Ugly Truth movie review & film summary (2009) | Roger Ebert

    Jul 22, 2009 · Uh, huh. And when the doc takes her to a ballgame, Mike broadcasts instructions to her earphone, just as a producer might speak into an anchor’s earpiece. There’s one scene with real comic possibilities, but it doesn’t pay off. Mike gives her a pair of remote-controlled, battery-powered vibrating panties.

  7. Talk to Her - Wikipedia

    Talk to Her (Spanish: Hable con ella) is a 2002 Spanish drama written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar, and starring Javier Cámara, Darío Grandinetti, Leonor Watling, Geraldine Chaplin, and Rosario Flores. The film follows two men who form an unlikely friendship as they care for two women who are both in comas.

  8. Reconsidering ‘The Ugly American,’ by William J. Lederer and ...

    Jul 12, 2009 · “ ‘The Ugly American’ was well known even by people who hadn’t read it,” Theroux said via text message while hiking in Portugal. “Because of the book, the Peace Corps was at pains to ...

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    see in road a symbol of American dominance, not a gift of goodwill. Deong falls in with foreign elements eager to see the American-supported regime topple, and havoc breaks loose. The brainchild of authors Eugene Burdick and William J. Lederer, The Ugly American strains to impart its tough-liberal lesson on foreign policy, style.

  10. It's hard not to feel like an "easy" grader to give this film a 10, given that it is the very simple story of a family over 4 decades, no quirky writing or the eccentricities of "indie" films - just beautiful scenery, characters that move us and that we care about, and a sweet and believable story.

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