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      • The place-name Tallaght is said to derive from támh-leacht, meaning " plague pit " in Irish, and consisting of "támh", meaning plague, and "leacht", meaning grave or memorial stone. place-name Tallaght is said to derive from,plague, and "leacht", meaning grave or memorial stone.
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  2. Tallaght - Wikipedia

    Tallaght (/ ˈ t æ l ə / TAL-ə; Irish: Tamhlacht, IPA: [ˈt̪ˠəul̪ˠəxt̪ˠ]) is the largest settlement, and county town, of South Dublin, Ireland, and the largest satellite town of Dublin. The central village area was the site of a monastic settlement from at least the 8th century, which became one of medieval Ireland's more important monastic centres.

  3. Tallaght - Wikipedia

    Tallaght ( / ˈtælə / TAL-ə; Erse: Tamhlacht, IPA: [ˈt̪ˠəul̪ˠəxt̪ˠ]) is the lairgest toun, an coonty seat, o Sooth Dublin, Ireland. The veelage aurie, datin frae at least the 17t century, held ane o the earliest dounsets kent in the soothren pairt o the island, an ane o medieval Ireland's mair important monastic centres.

  4. Tallaght Strategy - Wikipedia

    In Irish politics, the Tallaght Strategy was a policy followed by the Fine Gael Party starting in 1987. Under this policy, the Fine Gael opposition party would not oppose economic reforms proposed by the Fianna Fáil minority government in the national interest.

  5. Tallaght – Wikipedia

    Tallaght (iriska: Tamhlacht) är en ort i republiken Irland. Den ligger i provinsen Leinster, i den östra delen av landet, 10 km sydväst om huvudstaden Dublin. Tallaght ligger 103 meter över havet och antalet invånare är 64 282. Terrängen runt Tallaght är platt åt nordväst, men åt sydost är den kuperad.

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  6. Culdees - Wikipedia

    However, after the death of Maelruan in 792, Tallaght is forgotten, and the name Ceile-De disappears from the Irish annals until 919, when the Four Masters record that Armagh was plundered by the Danes but that the houses of prayer, "with the people of God, that is Ceile-De", were spared.

  7. Jobstown - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jobstown (/ ˈdʒoʊbz.taʊn /; Irish: Ráth Miontáin) is a suburb of Tallaght, and so an outer suburb of Dublin, in the administrative county of South Dublin, Ireland.

  8. Dublin - Wikipedia

    The National Basketball Arena is located in Tallaght, is the home of the Irish basketball team, the venue for the basketball league finals, and has also hosted boxing and wrestling events. The National Aquatic Centre in Blanchardstown is Ireland's largest indoor water leisure facility.

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