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    Tamil-Brahmi, also known as Tamizhi or Damili, was a variant of the Brahmi script in southern India. It was used to write inscriptions in the early form of Old Tamil. The Tamil-Brahmi script has been paleographically and stratigraphically dated between the third century BCE and the first century CE, and it constitutes the earliest known writing system evidenced in many parts of Tamil Nadu ...

  2. Aug 22, 2022 · Tamil language, member of the Dravidian language family, spoken primarily in India. It is the official language of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and the union territory of Puducherry (Pondicherry). It is also an official language in Sri Lanka and Singapore and has significant numbers of speakers in Malaysia, Mauritius, Fiji, and South Africa. In 2004 Tamil was declared a classical language of ...

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    Arwi was an outcome of the cultural synthesis between seafaring Arabs and Tamil-speaking Muslims of Tamil Nadu. This language was enriched, promoted and developed in Kayalpattinam . It had a rich body of work in jurisprudence, sufism , law, medicine and sexology , of which little has been preserved.

  4. Tamil Typing Online – our website is developed to make Tamil typing very easy with English to Tamil Unicode. Here, you can just type in English language in the given text editor and press Space Bar. Now, enter text will be converted into Tamil Script. (Tamil Typing). Using the suggestion option – you can choose more word options.

  5. தமிழ் எழுத்துருக்கள் - Download and install Unicode & ANSI Tamil fonts on your PC, Mac and smart phones for FREE. Fonts suitable ...

  6. After receipt of final theory examination answer scripts from all the campuses the students’ enfacement slips containing students’ details are removed, retaining the barcode / secret code in the answer script to maintain strict confidentiality. All answer scripts are shuffled and sent for evaluation to evaluation centres.

  7. Jun 08, 2022 · Explore tamil rockers profile at Times of India for photos, videos and latest news of tamil rockers. ... the makers have reportedly revealed that the film can have a sequel if there is a good script.

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