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  1. Swords of Legends (Chinese: 古剑奇谭; Chinese: 古劍奇譚; pinyin: Gu Jian Qi Tan) is a 2014 Chinese television series based on the role-playing video game Gu Jian Qi Tan developed by Shanghai Aurogon. It aired on Hunan TV from 2 July to 25 September 2014.

  2. Dharmayuddhaya (transl. War for Justice) is a 2017 Sri Lankan Sinhala-language drama thriller film directed by Cheyyar Ravi and produced by MTV Channel and The Capital Maharaja Organization Limited, and distributed by M Entertainments.

  3. 汤唯 Wei Tang 演员 Actress (饰 孙若微) 代表作: 色,戒 北京遇上西雅图 捉妖记 朱亚文 Yawen Zhu 演员 Actor (饰 朱瞻基) 代表作: 中国机长 悬崖之上 长津湖

  4. Jul 19, 2018 · Story of Yanxi Palace: With Jinyan Wu, Yuan Nie, Enshang Liu, Charmaine Sheh. A young girl searches for the truth about her older sister's death by becoming a seamstress in the Emperor's harem.

  5. (Cantonese) 1. to search 2. to sexual harass physically with hands. CCY: 耖 caau 3 / caau 2 {chào} harrow-like implement for pulverizing soil. CCY: 巢 caau 4 mang 1 mang 1 {Cháo mèng mèng} too many wrinkles; wrinkly. CCY: 砌 cai 3 {qì} (Cantonese) 1. falsely incriminate; to frame 2. to hit or bash 3. piece together. CCY: 梫 cam 1 {qǐn ...

  6. Alfred Zhuo ... rotoscope artist Rita E. Zimmerman ... digital artist: Industrial Light & Magic (as Rita Zimmerman) Vera Zivny ... visual effects producer: Image Engine Akemi Abe ... visual effects artist (uncredited) Christa Albrecht ... team assistant: ScanlineVFX (uncredited) Jose Astacio ...

  7. Here are the characters of Ikki Tousen. Nanyou (Wu) The protagonist. A second-year transfer student at Nanyo, she is not terribly bright, but is immeasurably powerful despite being only a D-ranked fighter. She possesses a unique gift for …

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