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    Levantines were mostly of Italian (especially Venetian and Genoese), French, or other Euro-Mediterranean origin. They have been living in the eastern Mediterranean coast of Lebanon and Syria since the middle Byzantine or the Ottoman era and in Constantinople (), Smyrna and other parts of Anatolia (such as the port towns of Amasra, Sinop, Trabzon, Enez, Çanakkale, Foça, Çeşme, Bodrum ...

  2. 10+ Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia ( Kilikia) Կիլիկիա ideas ... › marmarella › armenian-kingdom-of

    Aug 20, 2016 - Explore Mariam Mansourian's board "Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia ( Kilikia) Կիլիկիա" on Pinterest. See more ideas about armenian, armenia, armenian culture.

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    Library Library (computing) Library of Alexandria Library of Congress Library science Liviu Librescu Libretto Libreville Libya Licence to Kill License Licensed to Ill Lichen Lichfield Georg Christoph Lichtenberg Roy Lichtenstein Licinius Marcus Licinius Crassus Lucullus LIDAR B. H. Liddell Hart Alice Liddell Chuck Liddell Eric Liddell Lidice Lidl Lidocaine Nicklas Lidström Lie Lie algebra Lie ...

  4. Latin Church in the Middle East — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2 › en › Latin_Church_in_the_Middle_East

    The Latin Church in the Middle East represents members of the Latin Church of the Catholic Church in the Middle East, notably in Turkey and the Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, and Jordan). Latin Catholics are subject to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and employ the Latin liturgical rites, in contrast to Eastern Catholics who fall under their respective church's patriarchs and ...

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    Alexandria (or; Arabic: الإسكندرية; Egyptian Arabic: إسكندرية; Ⲁⲗⲉⲝⲁⲛⲇⲣⲓⲁ; Ⲣⲁⲕⲟⲧⲉ) is the second-largest city in Egypt and a major economic centre, extending about along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the north central part of the country. 5780 relations.

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    Facebook Groups make it easy to connect with specific sets of people, like family, teammates or coworkers. Groups are dedicated spaces where you can share updates, photos or documents and message other group members.

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    12 años | Televisión | Red de televisión ... 12 años

  8. Mapping | The United States › document › 425467040

    Cookies Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Manwë (disambiguation) Battle of Asadabad Han Xue (actress) Praktikertjänst Pamuluru Z² Trainwreck (film) Georgia State Route 23 Spur (Twin City) File:Kazumi Kawai.jpg Susan Mboya Break Free (2003 film) Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Atomic gravitational wave interferometric sensor Edward Stradling ...

  9. Leavening the levant | Ottoman Empire | Anatolia | Prueba ... › document › 39810833

    Leavening the levant - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. Armenian Genocide : Leavening the levant , Rev. joseph K. Greene , D.D.

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    9780789002242 0789002248 Structured Exercises for Promoting Family and Group Strengths - A Handbook for Group Leaders, Trainers, Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, Terry S. Trepper, Glen H. Jennings, Ronnie McManus 9789744800589 9744800585 A Journey in Burma - 1861-1862, Adolf Bastian 9781844172733 1844172732 Colourful Advent, Sheila ...

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