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  1. Aug 10, 2023 · The 5 Best Taser Guns and Stun Guns for Self-Defense Reviews Vipertek VTS-989 – 58 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun – Rechargeable with LED Flashlight Vipertek VTS-880-30 Billion Mini Stun Gun – Rechargeable with LED Flashlight, Black

  2. May 4, 2023 · There are four main differences between stun guns and tasers: branding, range, reusability, ...

  3. No matter what type of stun gun you need, The Home Security Superstore has the best stun gun for you! Effective, Self-Defense Stun Guns/Tasers. When it comes to personal safety, nothing can protect you like an electric gun.

  4. Nov 6, 2023 · Introduction to Stun Guns and Tasers. Stun guns and Tasers are both electroshock weapons that use high-voltage electricity to disrupt muscle control, causing the target to lose control of their body. However, the two weapons work in very different ways.

  5. Home Self Defense Stun Guns STUN GUNS & TASERS Shop our large selection of stun guns. We carry a wide variety of self-defense stun guns and tasers. With a variety of options to choose from you can select your style whether it's a handheld, flashlight taser, baton, or even a phone! Be ready at a moment's notice to increase your survivability.

  6. Oct 24, 2023 · Range: A primary distinction between Tasers and stun guns is their effective range. A Taser has a significant advantage here, as it can be used effectively from a distance of up to 15 feet. On the other hand, a stun gun is a close-range device that requires direct contact with the attacker to deliver its incapacitating electric shock.

  7. Jan 13, 2021 · Stun guns are handheld versions of a TASER. The two prongs have to be pressed to the attacker’s body in order to electrocute them. Both stun guns and TASER products provide a safe, effective solution for self-defense in a wide range of situations.

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