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    Tasmania es uno de los estados de Australia, ocupa la totalidad de la isla de Tasmania, que es la isla número 26 por extensión del mundo, junto a más de 300 pequeñas islas adyacentes y se localiza a 240 km al sureste del continente, separada por el estrecho de Bass.

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    Tasmania's landmass of 68,401 km 2 (26,410 sq mi) is located directly in the pathway of the notorious "Roaring Forties" wind that encircles the globe. To its north, it is separated from mainland Australia by Bass Strait. Tasmania is the only Australian state that is not located on the Australian mainland.

    • 1825
    • 1856
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    Tasmania is a large island off the southern coast of mainland Australia. It is a state of Australia. Its capital and the largest city is Hobart. The island was joined to the mainland until the end of the most recent ice age about 10,000 years ago.

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    Hobart (/ ˈ h oʊ b ɑːr t / (), Palawa kani: Nipaluna) is the capital and most populous city of the Australian island state of Tasmania.Home to almost half of all Tasmanians, it is the least populated Australian state capital city, and second smallest if territories are taken into account, after Darwin, Northern Territory.

    • 131.1/km² (340/sq mi) (2016)
    • 20 February 1804
    • 1,695.5 km² (654.6 sq mi)
    • 246,970 (2020) (11th)
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    Launceston is at in the Tamar Valley, Northern Tasmania The valley was formed by volcanic and glacial forces over 10 million years ago. The city is about 45 kilometres (28 mi) south of the Bass Strait, with its closest neighbour-city being Devonport, about 99 kilometres (62 mi) to the north west.

    • 435.4 km² (168.1 sq mi) (2011 urban)
    • 198 km (123 mi) from Hobart, 101 km (63 mi) from Devonport, 63 km (39 mi) from Scottsdale
    • 1806
    • 87,328 (2018) (22nd)
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    Tasmánia (skrátene TAS) je austrálsky štát a súčasne ostrov, nachádzajúci sa asi 200 kilometrov na juh od kontinentu, od ktorého ho oddeľuje Bassov prieliv. ...

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    The Tasmanian devil's genome was sequenced in 2010 by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. Like all dasyurids, the devil has 14 chromosomes. Devils have a low genetic diversity compared to other Australian marsupials and placental carnivores; this is consistent with a founder effect as allelic size ranges were low and nearly continuous throughout all subpopulations measured.

  9. United Tasmania Group - Wikipedia › wiki › United_Tasmania_Group

    An unpublished Honours Thesis on the party by Pam Walker (University of Tasmania) was written in 1986, and the first chapter in Paddy Manning's book, Inside the Greens (2019), is devoted to the history of the party. Publications 1970s. United Tasmania Group (1970), Newsletter, United Tasmania Group

  10. Itinerario de viaje: Ruta por Tasmania - Un salto a Australia › publicaciones

    Muchos nos decían que Tasmania era la pequeña Nueva Zelanda de Australia. Según National Geographic es uno de los 10 mejores lugares para visitar del mundo. Y en mi opinión, Tasmania es el paraíso más cercano a la naturaleza en su absoluta plenitud.

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