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    Tatiana Koretska Eliasz Aleksander Ostrogski (1510–1539), also known as Illia Ostrogski , was the only son of Konstanty Ostrogski from his first marriage with Tatiana Koretska. He was starost of Bratslav and Vinnytsia .

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    Both mother and daughter fled to Lviv and hid in the Dominican Church. Prince Siemon slipped into the church dressed like a beggar and secretly married Princess Ostrozka in 1559. The King however didn't recognize it and ordered Prince Siemon to give Elizaveta back to Górka.


    The first statement by St. Petersburger Natalia Koretska evoked a notice by the judge of active use of a notebook with notes. In his turn, attorney Omelchenko thought that Koretska's words were taken from one of the anti-cult websites.

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    In 1995, Vadim joined the ice company founded by Tatiana Tarasova and in 1996 he joined the Moscow on Ice Company and performed in California, USA. In 1997, he joined the Russian Ice Stars, and appeared for them for seven years, performing leading roles in all productions.

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    Knyaz Ilia Aleksander Konstantynovich Ostrogski or Elias (1510 - 1539) was only one son of Konstanty Ostrogski from his first marriage with Tatiana Koretska; Bratslav and Vinnytsia starost. Contents 1 Biography

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    The church was besieged, and mother and daughter were forced to surrender and accept the King's will. [ 2 ] Beata Kościelecka for many years tried to cancel marriage with Łukasz Górka, in the meantime Prince Siemion Olelkowicz Slutski died.