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    THE 1 is a 1989 French romantic drama film directed by Agnes Varda and written by Chantel Akerman.It follows Hélène Babin (Taylor Swift) after a devastating breakup with long-term boyfriend Julien Aubert (Vladimir Perrin), and shows her gradual acceptance of lost love against the backdrop of picturesque Paris.

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    Fearless (Taylor’s version) is coming with 26 songs💛 Love Story (Taylor’s version) out tonight taylor swift fearless love story celebrities 10 notes Feb 11th, 2021

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    See a recent post on Tumblr from @likedaylighht about taylor swift lyrics. Discover more posts about taylor swift lyrics.

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    See a recent post on Tumblr from @captainswift about taylor-swift-icons. Discover more posts about taylor-swift-icons.

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    Taylor Swift has the mentality of a 12 year old girl who thinks she’s all that all super preppy or whatever. It’s aggravating. And also, I think all her relationships are fake anyways because she “broke up” with Calvin Harris or whatever his name was, and is rebounding so fucking fast that it’s “too good to be true.”

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    My name is Christa I'm 23 years old three reasons why I love Taylor Swift 1 she is so amazing 2 she never afraid what to said 3 she makes your day I never been to her shows or meet her I really want to so Taylor if you are reading this place have a available four tickets to the front row cause I'm been your fan for 15 years and you inspire me to respond so I ask all swifties to reblogged and ...

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    Welcome to the Taylor Swift song sorter! Pick what song you like better in each battle to get an accurate list of your favourite songs. Only album official songs are included.

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