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    Is all tea really made from the same leaf?

    What is the symbolic meaning of a leaf?

    What is the meaning of reading the tea leaves?

    What is the spiritual meaning of leaves?

    • Aircraft, such as airplanes or balloons: unsuccessful projects.
    • Anchor: good luck in business and a stable love life. If this symbol is cloudy in appearance, it should be interpreted as the opposite.
    • Angel: good news, especially in love-related matters.
    • Apples: long life; success in school or business.
  2. Some of the major tea leaf symbols to look out for are: Anchor This can mean good fortune in your work life or love life. Keep in mind that if this symbol appears blurred or clouded, it will mean the opposite. Birds – These can mean good luck, or possibly good travels. Clouds – These mean significant difficulties.

  3. The symbols in the cup which appear near to the handle stand a greater chance to be fulfilled. The Rim of the cup denotes the Present The Side indicates the Medium Term The Bottom indicates the distant future Now, here comes the good part… Predicting the Future The ‘seer’ or the reader will take the cup from the sitter.

  4. The cup has 3 different sections that make your reading a bit more specific: a. The bottom of the cup represents the distant future (i.e. one month or more) b. The middle section represents a week or more c. The top outer rim is said to be the immediate future (so within the next couple of days) Tasseography – Tea Leaf Reading Symbols and Meaning

  5. The common symbols include letters, animals, lines and shapes like: snake meaning enmity or falsehood [6], spade meaning disappointment, failure [7], mountain meaning hindrance [8], if there are more than one, but one means the opposite – success [9] house meaning changes, success [10] question mark meaning the outcome of the situation is uncertain

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