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  1. Tea Leaves Reading Oracle Reading tea leaves is an ancient and very powerful fortune-telling art. In a similar way to Turkish Coffee Cup reading, it interprets forms and patterns that the leaves form in a tea cup. Our free Tea Leaves oracle will give you fast answers so you can identify the important details of your present and future.

  2. Tea Leaves Reading The art of reading tea leaves is a very powerful and ancient fortune-telling method. It can be used by anyone that is interested in accurate answers and details about the future. By looking at the images and patterns that tea leaves form on the cup you will identify and understand the important issues in your life.

  3. The actual ritual of how to read tea leaves is quite simple. Assuming you are doing a reading for yourself: 1. You should drink the contents of your cup, leaving about a teaspoon of liquid in the cup. 2. Take the cup by the handle in your left hand and silently ask your question or ask for guidance about your future. 3.

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  5. Tea Leaf Reading is considered to be one of the most accurate and intuitive forms of divination. This originated nearly over five thousand years ago. Understanding the hidden symbols and thier meaning helps in predicting the future. Find a quiet and peaceful environment for the purpose of tea leaf reading.

  6. FREE ONLINE ORACLES AND TAROT CARDS READINGS Free Reading Tea Leaves Reading Tea Leaves is a very popular divination method based on the art of reading the tea leaves. This method of divination is thought to have originated in China, but only gained popularity worldwide in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

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