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    A teacher, also called a schoolteacher or formally an educator, is a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue . Informally the role of teacher may be taken on by anyone (e.g. when showing a colleague how to perform a specific task). In some countries, teaching young people of school age may be carried out in an ...

  2. A teacher is a person who helps people to learn. A teacher often works in a classroom. There are many different kinds of teachers. Some teachers teach young children in kindergarten or primary schools. Others teach older children in middle, junior high and high schools. Some teachers teach adults in colleges and universities.

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    Is Wikipedia accurate and reliable?

    Generally, yes, Wikipedia is accurate. Wikipedia is developing rapidly, the reliability of the encyclopedia is improving all the time. Because readers compare articles to what they already know, articles tend to become more accurate and detailed. Certain articles about many of the major sciences were developed from other free or public domain encyclopedias. This provides a reliable basis upon which encyclopedia writers can develop more current information. Wikipedia is cited almost daily in t...

    What keeps someone from contributing false or misleading information?

    Nothing. Anyone can, at this very moment, go to almost any page and change the information to make it misleading or wrong. Very specific minor facts, like an exact date for a not very important historical detail, are less trustworthy since vandals sometimes change them. However, it probably will not stay that way very long. Many contributors watch the list of changes (particularly to important or controversial articles), and will quickly delete nonsense or obviously wrong articles, and undo b...

    Can students cite Wikipedia in assignments?

    Wikipedia can be an excellent starting place for further research. Teachers might ask students what they did to validate the information they learned from Wikipedia. Using a comprehensive search engine such as Google, students can easily compare Wikipedia content with information from other reputable websites. Students can compare information in Wikipedia with information in other encyclopedias or books. In addition, most of our better articles have sections such as "References," "Sources," "...


    There are two ways you can give your students access to Wikipedia:


    Please let the administrators know about the planned date and time of your activity, and the usernames/IP you will be using. Hopefully, admins will then be available to provide assistance to you and your students.

    Introducing Wikipedia

    Make sure all students take the five minute student tutorial. This will give them a basic introduction to the concepts of Wikipedia and how to edit. After the tutorial, you could let students try out their editing in the sandbox before giving them their project or tasks. This helps to cut down on the work for other contributors (or you) removing the nonsense that your students will inevitably put on articles to test out their new skills. Remember: testing is fine, vandalism is not.

    Most members of Wikipedia will be willing to help you if you ever have any problems, just leave a note on their talk page. If you require an administrator for more advanced operations such as edit deletion, see Wikipedia:Administrators.

  3. This is understandable, as teachers are entrusted with the transmission to learners of society's beliefs, attitudes and deontology, as well as of information, advice and wisdom, and with facilitating learners' acquisition of the key knowledge, attitudes and behaviours that they will need to be active in society and the economy.

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    A Teacher GenreDrama Created byHannah Fidell Based onA Teacher by Hannah Fidell Directed by Hannah Fidell Gillian Robespierre Andrew Neel Starring Kate Mara Nick Robinson Ashley Zukerman Shane Harper Marielle Scott Dylan Schmid Adam David Thompson Jana Peck Music byKeegan DeWitt Country of originUnited States Original languageEnglish No. of episode...

    Set from 2013 to 2014, A Teacher focuses on Claire Wilson, an English teacher at the fictional Westerbrook high school in Austin, Texas, who engages in an illicit sexual relationship with her 17-year-old high school student, Eric Walker. The miniseries explores the complexities of the relationship and the consequences for both of them and those aro...

    In February 2014, it was revealed that Fidell's film A Teacher would be adapted for television by HBO. Fidell would write and executive produce the series along with Danny Brocklehurst. Kate Mara who is starring in the series also be serving as an executive producer, while Fidell

    In August 2018, it was announced Kate Mara and Nick Robinson were cast in lead roles for the series. In September 2019, Ashley Zukerman, Marielle Scott, Shane Harper, and Adam David Thompson joined the cast as series regulars, while Rya Kihlstedt, Camila Perez, Cameron ...

    Principal photography began shooting in Calgary, Alberta, in August 2019. and wrapped on October 13, 2019.

    The miniseries premiered on November 10, 2020, with the first 3 episodes available and the rest debuting on a weekly basis on FX on Hulu. It also premiered on BBC Two in the UK on January 3, 2021. Internationally, it is available on Disney+ under the dedicated streaming hub Star as an original series since April 23, 2021, and in Latin America the s...

    • 10
    • Drama
    • November 10 –, December 29, 2020
    • FX on Hulu
  5. › wiki › TeacherTeacher - Wikipedia

    Teacher Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge The "Scots" that wis uised in this airticle wis written bi a body that haesna a guid grip on the leid. Please mak this airticle mair better gin ye can. (Januar 2021) A teacher (cried a schuil teacher an aw) is a person wha provides eddication for students. Authority control BNF: cb119375503 (data)

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