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    Cyber noir. Cyber noir, also called tech noir, deals either with dark shenanigans in the world of computers and hi-tech supernerds; or the virtual landscapes of a techno-generated underworld; or both. The term is a portmanteau that describes the conjunction of technology and science fiction: cyber- as in cyberpunk and -noir as film noir.

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    Noir: A Shadowy Thriller, a 1996 video game by Cyberdreams; Trente et Quarante (English translation: Thirty and Forty), a gambling game also called Rouge et Noir (English translation: Red and Black) Music. Groups and labels. Noir (band), a South Korean boy band which debuted in 2018; Noir, a poetic/techno music duo comprising Georg Kajanus and ...

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    Tech noir (ook bekend als sciencefiction noir) is een wat aparte loot van de film noir-familie die in deze periode opgang maakte. Het is een cross-over -genre met een combinatie van film noir en sciencefiction , zoals te zien in Alien (1979), Blade Runner (1982), The Terminator (1984) en The Matrix (1999).

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