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  2. Feb 24, 2021 · When the covid-19 pandemic began last January, scientists at several biotech companies were quick to turn to mRNA as a way to create potential vaccines; in late December 2020, at a time when more...

  3. Scientific knowledge and technology form a maze of connections in which every idea is connected to every other idea through a winding path. Science in action Through many intervening steps, the cathode ray tube is connected to modern advances in DNA.

    • Stem Cell Heart Generation– For the first time, a human heart has been created using stem cells, a major step forward in organ generation. A couple years ago scientists rebuilt the heart of a rat using stem cells; the same team is behind the latest breakthrough.
    • Hybrid MRI / PET Imaging - Simultaneous positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could provide the broadest spectrum of diagnostics possible, at least by current-tech standards.
    • Mimicking Porosity in Nature – "Graduated porosity" in beehives, trees, seashells, bones and many other marvels of nature allows these materials to endure incredible stress without compromising the integrity of the entire structure.
    • Nano Batteries- Scientists have created the equivalent of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery the size of a nanowire, thousands of times smaller than a human hair.
    • Shark Intestines Function Like Tesla Valves. In 1920, Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla designed a device without any moving parts that allows fluid to move in one direction while preventing backflow.
    • Squirrels Can Teach Robots a Lesson About Agility and Recovery. When navigating treetops, squirrels will risk a long-distance leap if there’s a sturdy branch to land on.
    • Scavenger Beetles Walk Upside-Down Beneath the Water’s Surface. Thanks to surface tension, spiders, ants, snails and lizards can all walk on water, but water scavenger beetles perform a trickier feat.
    • A Cancer-Defying Gecko and His 900 Babies Could Inspire New Melanoma Treatments. At an auction in 2015, reptile breeder Steve Sykes purchased a rare pair of “lemon frost” geckos for $10,000.
  4. Feb 23, 2022 · Our annual list of 10 Breakthrough Technologies highlights the technological advances that we think will have the biggest impact on the world in the years to come. Every year, our reporters...

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