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    Skype does not provide the ability to call emergency numbers, such as 112 in Europe, 911 in North America, 999 in the UK or 100 in India and Nepal. However, as of December 2012, there is limited support for emergency calls in the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, and Finland. [60]

  2. Census in Nepal are taken by Central Bureau of Statistics. Population censuses are conducted every tenth year in Nepal. The first was held in 1911 and the most recent was held in 2011.The census in 2021 is the first census of Federal Nepal. Oman. Censuses have been taken in the Sultanate of Oman in 1993, 2003, and 2010. Pakistan

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    Etymology. The word television comes from Ancient Greek τῆλε (tele) 'far', and Latin visio 'sight'. The first documented usage of the term dates back to 1900, when the Russian scientist Constantin Perskyi used it in a paper that he presented in French at the first International Congress of Electricity, which ran from 18 to 25 August 1900 during the International World Fair in Paris.

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