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    Big Ticket Movies – A block that aired movies every Saturday evening at 6:00 p.m. EST (formerly at 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. EST) and every Sunday morning with two movies. Teletoon previously broadcast films in the early 2000s under the Cinetoon banner, followed by Teletoon Presents in 2007 before adapting the name "Big Ticket Movies" in 2009.

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    Cinéma Télétoon – "Cinéma Télétoon" is a block on Saturdays at 4 p.m. and Sundays at 10 a.m. ET, that mostly airs animated movies (such as Tom and Jerry: The Movie, The Powerpuff Girls Movie and Looney Tunes movies, among others). It also airs live action movies such as the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

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    Original programming 6teen (November 7, 2004) A Treasure in My Garden (September 3, 2003) The Adventures of Paddington Bear (October 17, 1997) The Amazing Spiez! (September 6, 2010) Angela Anaconda (October 5, 1999) Animal Crackers (October 17, 1997) Atomic Betty (August 29, 2004) Atomic Puppet ...

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    Teletoon Retro is a former Canadian specialty channel that was owned by Corus Entertainment that was based on the Teletoon programming block. The service was dedicated to broadcasting classic animated television programs as well as some live-action series.

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  6. Teletoon is a Canadian-English television channel. It is owned by Corus Entertainment. The channel shows mostly cartoons. Its live-action programs are usually movies.

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    Teletoon (stylized as TELETOON) is a specialty channel that broadcasts animation programming. Teletoon is owned by Teletoon Canada Inc., a joint venture between Astral Media and Corus Entertainment. Its name is a portmanteau of television and cartoon and has no connection with the Télétoon (French TV channel)|television channel in France of the same name. Teletoon predominantly airs many television series of which come from the Cartoon Network from the United States, making it, more or...

    Licensed in 1996 by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), the channel launched on October 17, 1997 with the first episode of Caillou. It was originally owned by a consortium made up of various other Canadian specialty services and producers; The Family Channel Inc. acting as managing partner at 53.3% (Astral Media & Western International Communications|WIC), YTV Canada Inc. at 26.7% (Shaw Communications), along with Cinar and Nelvana with 10% each. Through vario...

    Template:See Teletoon predominantly airs animated television series with the occasional film broadcast through its programming block, Teletoon Presents, many television series of which come from the Cartoon Network from the United States. Teletoon's licence requires that 90% of all programs on the network are animated (151.2 hours per week). The network airs non-animated stunt programming, which are usually in the form of movies, but they can only do so for 16.8 hours per week, or 2.4 hours per...

  8. Teletoon predominantly airs animated television series and movies. Its license originally required that 90% of all programs on the channel be animated. Its French-language counterpartcontains a different schedule of programs, some being French dubbed versions of shows such as South Park.

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    Télétoon Rétro was a Canadian French language Category B specialty television channel owned by Corus Entertainment.The channel was based on the former Télétoon programming block Télétoon Retro and was dedicated to broadcasting French-dubbed animated series that had premiered on television at least 10 years prior to their airing on Télétoon Retro.

  10. List of programs broadcast by Teletoon — Wikipedia ...

    This is a list of programs broadcast by Teletoon, a Canadian television channel, during the day. Télétoon, the French version of Teletoon, has a different program schedule than the English version, although many of the same shows are aired on both channels. For programs broadcast in the nighttime on these channels, see Teletoon at Night and Télétoon la Nuit. Premiere airdates are provided ...

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