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  1. have at (someone or something) 1. To strike or attack someone or something. The two boys had at each other until the teacher arrived to break up the fight. 2. To attempt or try to do something. Now that finals are over, I need to have at cleaning up my room. 3. To do something with energy and enthusiasm.

  2. Jul 23, 2008 · Have-not (noun) A person who does not possess the necessary credentials in order for them to be successful. Likewise, this person is not able to express qualities of credibility. The networking teacher said that he could not take the day off because he was a have-not and needed to work towards his certification. by McCrapper March 25, 2013 20 6

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  4. give, try, bash, berate, blast, criticize, impugn, lambaste, revile, trash, vilify, argue, confront, cope, dispute, go after, grapple, meet, oppose, push for How to use have at in a sentence I spoke first with Scott Ellman, a student at Wesleyan University and now the Huffington Post editor-at-large for his campus.

  5. have/have got it in (one) To have the capacity or disposition to (to do something). have it out To settle decisively, especially by means of an argument or a discussion. have/have got nothing on (someone) 1. To fail to be equal or superior to (someone) in a particular way. 2. To know or be able to prove information regarding (someone).

  6. Definition of at it : doing some activity I didn't expect her to have started working yet, but she was already (hard) at it when I arrived. My neighbors are always arguing, and they were at it again last night. Learn More About at it Share at it Dictionary Entries Near at it atishoo at it Atitlán See More Nearby Entries Statistics for at it

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