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    Treatment & Preventive Solutions To Protect Your Home Against Termites. Call Today. Termite Damage Can Cost Thousands. Prevent Termites. Protect Your Investment.

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  2. Foam agents can be injected into areas liquid pesticides can't reach. Dust agents can be applied in areas where foam or liquid aren't practical. Fumigation kills all of the termites in an area but won't prevent their return. Don't disturb soil once it has been treated with termite-preventing ...

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    In this article, we give you the six best termite treatments that provide long-term solutions. Read on to learn the six ways you can deal with and protect against termite problems in and around your home.

    Pre-treatments involve a combination of liquid termiticides (see Liquid), termite bait (see Bait System), lumber treatment (see Wood), and an in-soil barrier (see Soil). These measures carry maximum effect when instituted in a homes building phase. Wood and liquid treatments will vary in availability, depending on where you live and what is in proximity to your property, such as waterways, sewage drains, and wildlife sanctuaries, etc. If youre looking for the best termite pretreatment product, we recommend Nissus Bora Care Natural Termite Control, found on for under $60. It kills existing pests that inhabit wooden structures, and, protect against recurring infestations for decades. Bora Care is used as a spray or roll on treatment and is perfect for pre-construction termite prevention. Subterranean termites live in the soil around your home. Soil treatments serve to form a physical barrier in the ground between termites and your home. In a perimeter around your homes foundation, a trench is dug. The soil, taken from the trench, is then treated heavily with termiticide before the trench is refilled. The best soil treatment implements an additional step. Before the trench is filled in with soil, a physical wall is constructed inside the outer wall of the trench. The barrier wall consists of rock, sand, mesh, and plastic. Then, the treated soil is filled in behind. This provides an added barrier between your home and the termites. If they make it through the wall barrier, they will die in the treated soil. However, this extra step is most applicable in a pre-treatment phase. For a do-it-yourself termite soil treatment, the best solution that we recommend is the Spectracide Terminate Termite Detection Killing Stakes, available through Amazon. It includes 15 stakes which are placed around your houses foundation about two to three feet away from the foundations edge. The stakes detect and kill subterranean termites that can make their way into your house through the ground. Spectracide Termite Stakes are easy to install, and the product comes with an auger with which to bury the stakes. Liquid termite treatments are the most common type since it is an effective solution for infestations in a homes interior. It involves drilling strategically placed holes into the foundation and wood. In conjunction with spot treatments, termiticide is injected into the holes, forcing termites to show themselves. They can, therefore, be exterminated by a spot treatment. Liquid treatment mitigates the habitable area of your home available to termites. The best liquid termite treatment that we recommend is Bayer Advanced Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer. Check it out on Amazon. Each gallon jug of Bayer Advanced can cover up to 84,000 sq. ft. for lawn treatment. The termiticide is non-repelling, so termites will pick up the poison and carry ot back to the queen. Wood can be treated in several ways: sprays, foams, and Borate. Sprays do not soak into the deep grain of the wood and are, therefore, ineffective as a long-term solution. Foams are effective at keeping termites from penetrating the woods surface; however, they can still hollow out beams from the inside. Borate wood treatments are the most effective and are administered by pest control professionals. Borate is a long-lasting termite killer and repellent, which is soaked deep into the wood grain. It kills any existing termites on contact and prevents the colonies recurrence. Borate wood treatment is the best way to protect your homes structure and interior from termites and is most effective in a homes building stage as pre-treatment. If youre planning on performing a wood termite treatment of your own, the best product that we recommend is BORACARE Nisus Borate Wood Treatment. A two-gallon container is available on, which acts to penetrate deep into wood grain, and provides termite control for years to come. It guards against subterranean, drywood and dampwood termites. The best termite treatments deal with infestations at the place of origin. Unlike termite sprays, full termite treatments involve treating the insides of walls, underneath a homes foundation, the soil around the perimeter of the home and more. Treatments for significant infestations will completely exterminate your home of termites, and keep them from returning. The following are the six best termite treatments for your home Termites love old wood. If your home is too new to have rotting wood, termites can still find their way in; however, a spot treatment will be sufficient. Spot treatments are localized to an area of infestation. They are cheaper and quicker than full treatments and can be easily administered without a professionals help. However, the bulk of termite infestations require a more comprehensive solution. This article explores the differences and benefits to the six best long-term, full termite treatment options available. But first, lets run through the basics

    Sometimes all you need to deal with your problem is a quick fix, a way to prevent a termite colony from even entering the area. This aerosol spray from Spectracide is a good solution to kill off any termites in or around your house, without leaving a poisonous residue that can harm your family or your pets. The foam is especially good in damp places as a protection method for wood and similar materials that can be attacked by termites often, and it is easy to spread as to cover a larger surface, seeping into any holes and crevices the reaches. If you have found a nest somewhere in your home, and especially the garage, it is best to clean up the surface and any holes mechanically (literally just scrape off any termites you can find) and then apply the foam to the scraped surface, as to get maximum penetration into the wood. The foam acts quickly and prevents any termites from coming back for a couple of weeks, meaning that it is impossible for the queen to survive, making your structure termite free in a couple of days. When you have a larger infestation or are at risk from such, or you eradicate termites as a small business, a powder is really the way to go. This small package is mixed with any water sprayer system and can destroy multiple nests and millions of termites and other bugs very effectively. Aside from the direct application to kill off pests, it can also be used to protect wood from both termites and mold, making it a perfect choice for protecting your garage, patio, porch, and similar places where there is a lot of exposed wood. If your home is at the building stage, we highly recommend having all timbers pretreated with Borate, as well as performing a soil treatment. This will give your home conclusive protection against the possibility of future termite colonies moving in. For existing termite infestations in older homes, the best termite treatment is a full fumigation. Newer homes will be sufficiently served by a liquid and spot treatment. Homes that are remotely located or among dense foliage will need a preventative soil treatment around the foundation of the structure. Talk to a professional termite or pest control specialist to ask about the best termite treatments for your home. We hope you enjoyed reading about the six best termite treatments for your home. If you have questions or have used one of the treatments mentioned above, feel free to leave us a comment. Thanks for reading!

    It is best to use this powder premixed with water in a sprayer. While a hand sprayer would be fine for smaller surfaces, for anything bigger, especially with prevention in mind, you would need a serious sprayer. Even though the product is not harmful to people, pets, and other wildlife, it can be very harmful to plant life, including grass, affecting its growth and any fruits and flowers it can make. When you are using it in the garden, focus on small bursts on desired areas, and when you are using it in the home, move your houseplants outside and then cover the area with the mixed termiticide.

    Termites have basically evolved from cockroaches. There are over 3,000 known species of termites with more discovered every year. A termite colony consists of two hierarchies: fertile and infertile. Infertile males and females are known as workers. Fertile males are called Kings and every colony has at least one, but possibly two fertile females called queens.

    As with ants or bees, the colony can only be destroyed by killing the queen. Though hated by homeowners, termites are essential for the ecosystem. They perform the decomposition and composting of dead and rotting vegetation. Without termites, the forests would be ripe with smelly rotup to your knees.

    Termites process natural waste and produce soluble nutrient for the land. That being said, termites will eat your home up one side and down the other if they find it. Termites reproduce compulsively and continuously. The colony is constantly growing in numbers. In a span of three to four decades, termite colonies can grow to be over a million strong.

    This is a serious concern for buildings that are in the remote country, wooded areas, woodlands, state preserves, and national parks. Worse still, it doesnt take a million termites to destroy a home. All it takes is a young colony of a few hundred termites to start chipping away at the integrity of your homes supporting beams and floorboards.

    If you are worried about a possible infestation, use this checklist to assess the problem. There are several ways to check if you have termites. Check your homes If you know that you have termites in your home, it is crucial to understand the extent to which the infestation has grown. For newer homes, a professional can tell you with any certainty where the localized infestation is and how you can treat it. If the problem is more extensive, a pest control specialist will offer consultation on the best termite treatments available for your home.

    If your floor is laminate or hardwood skirting boards, look for blistering and sagging. Walk around your house and take note of every location where the floor feels spongy or has unusual spring. These are signs of termites under the floor. Termites love to eat the wooden timber uprights and supporting beams inside your walls. Termites love cellulose, which is found in wood so any lumber on the interior of your house is susceptible. If termites get into the walls, they can easily get into the ceiling. Look for cracks that run in the direction of the wall and ceilings inner beams. Termites cannot eat through your concrete foundation; however, they can squeeze between the smallest of cracks. If you live somewhere that gets a hot summer and cold winter, temperature changes will cause foundation slabs to form cracks over timejust like a driveway. Once termites are through the concrete foundation, they feast on the homes wooden floor joists. If your floors feel spongy, it is an indicator of termites in the floor joists, which means they made it through the foundation. Termites can find their way to the frames of windows and doors, which causes irregularities in the frame. Doors become unexpectedly difficult to open or shut correctly when termites are feasting on the frames. With a hammer, pry off a segment of the affected frame to check for tunneling on the backside. If you unexpectedly find small, dark brown, seed-sized pellets on the floors and windowsills of your home, you have termites. This is the excrement of a termite and a clear sign of infestation. Termites also have wings for part of their lives and will shed their wings halfway through their life. Termite wings the size of a quarter and are opaque and tan.

    The best early warning signs of an oncoming termite infestation, are in the garden or backyard. Termites will make themselves apparent outdoors, before migrating into the home. Your homes property is prime for a termite infestation if your gardens fence posts are losing structural integrity from rot, becoming misshapen, or if tree branches are falling unexpectedly. Termites will target any untreated timber, such as natural wooden posts and trees before they become apparent in the home.

    At the end of the day, you will need a professionals opinion in order to truly assess any damage. If you are worried about termites, but you dont see any clear indicatorsthat doesnt mean youre in the clearyou still need a professional assessment. Termites hide beneath the surface.

  3. Aug 12, 2021 · Maintain the Termite Prevention Features After construction, keep the soil around the foundation dry through proper grading and drainage (including maintenance... Reduce openings that offer termites access to the structure (filling cracks in cement foundations as well as around... Fix leaks ...

  4. A typical treatment may involve hundreds of gallons of a liquid pesticide, known as a termiticide, injected into the ground along the foundation, beneath concrete slabs, and within foundation walls. In short, termite treatment is a job for professionals.

    • Soil Treatment: Since subterranean termites live in the soil, termite treatments are used on the surrounding soil to act as a treatment barrier. First, a trench is dug around the foundation, and the soil is treated with a termiticide.
    • Wood Treatment: Pest control professionals can use a variety of different wood treatments to help kill any existing termite colonies and prevent future ones from spouting up.
    • Bait Systems: Bait termite treatment systems are an effective way of destroying termite colonies. A pest control professional will install bait stations around the perimeter of the home and monitor the stations on a set frequency ensuring a home is protected from future and any current infestations.
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    Treatment & Preventive Solutions To Protect Your Home Against Termites. Call Today. Termite Damage Can Cost Thousands. Prevent Termites. Protect Your Investment.

  3. The Best Locally Owned Pest Control Company, with Over 12,000 5-Star Reviews. You'll Love Our Team. Background Checked and Certified Technicians. Your Pest Problem Gone

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