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  1. 14 min read. Here is an updated list of over 30 different terpenes plus their benefits. Terpenes are the mainstay of cannabis ensemble or entourage benefits. Without them, cannabinoids would lack the synergistic benefits that make their healing effects pronounced and sustained.

  2. In this article, the experts at Honest Marijuana reveal everything you need to know about terpenes and show you why they’re the tastiest kid on the marijuana block. What Are Terpenes? Terpenes are oils secreted by the same pot plant glands that produce THC and CBD during flowering. Over 100 terpenes have been identified so far, each with its ...

  3. Dec 8, 2020 · Terpenes are the primary constituents of essential oils and are responsible for the aroma characteristics of cannabis. Together with the cannabinoids, terpenes illustrate synergic and/or entourage effect and their interactions have only been speculated in for the last few decades.

  4. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that give cannabis strains their unique scent. In other words, terpenes are the reason Tangie smells like sweet oranges, Permafrost like a pine forest, and...

  5. Apr 4, 2022 · Apr 4, 2022. Featured. Cannabis terpenes help make our favorite cannabis strains what they are. Cannabis wouldn’t smell or taste so good if not for terpenes. Terpenes are sometimes called terpenoids or referred to as terps for short. Not only do terpenes influence taste and smell, but they also come with a wide array of potential health benefits.

  6. Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds and they aren’t exclusive to cannabis; they can be found across various plants, spices, and herbs. In cannabis, terpenes mainly contribute to the sensory dimension and act as aromatic architects determining the scent, flavor and even color of each strain.

  7. Sep 15, 2019 · Terpenes and cannabis. Research indicates that terpenes, along with cannabinoids, determine two of the essential functions of cannabis:

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