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  1. Official Calamity Mod Wiki › wiki › Calamity_Mod_Wiki

    Mar 21, 2021 · The Mod The Calamity Mod is a large content mod for Terraria which adds many hours of endgame content and dozens of enemies and bosses dispersed throughout the vanilla game's progression.

  2. Bosses - Official Calamity Mod Wiki › wiki › Bosses

    Mar 21, 2021 · The Calamity Mod expands on the number of bosses that can be challenged throughout the game, each featuring unique AI and drops. Most require the use of boss summoning items in order to spawn, but others have more unique prerequisites.

  3. Enemies - Official Calamity Mod Wiki › wiki › Enemies

    Mar 19, 2021 · Out of these, 5 belong to events (1 pre-Hardmode, 2 Hardmode and 2 are post Moon-Lord), 24 are bosses (6 pre-Hardmode, 8 Hardmode, and 10 post-Moon-Lord), 38 are boss servants (9 pre-Hardmode, 9 Hardmode and 12 are Post Moon-Lord). This page lists all enemies that can be encountered in the Calamity Mod.

  4. Cryogen - Official Calamity Mod Wiki › wiki › Cryogen

    Mar 20, 2021 · Trivia Cryogen's theme is Antarctic Reinforcement, which was composed by the artist DM DOKURO. While in production the theme was originally intended to be called "Frostbite." If the Calamity Music add-on mod is disabled, the Frost Moon 's theme will play instead.

  5. Blood Orange - Official Calamity Mod Wiki › wiki › Blood_Orange

    Apr 03, 2021 · Hearts after using the Blood Orange For the vanilla item of the same name, see here. The Blood Orange is a craftable Hardmode permanent power-up item that increases the player's maximum life, as an extension to Life Fruits. There are 3 other items that function identically to this: the Miracle Fruit, the Elderberry, and the Dragonfruit. It is the first of these to be obtainable following boss ...

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  7. Providence, the Profaned Goddess - Official Calamity Mod Wiki › wiki › Providence,_the

    Apr 01, 2021 · Providence, the Profaned Goddess - Official Calamity Mod Wiki Your wiki has been migrated to a new Fandom domain.

  8. Calamity's Vanities/Vanity Accessories - Terraria Mods Wiki › wiki › Calamity&

    Apr 01, 2021 · The Calamity's Vanities mod adds many equipable accessories. All of them are functionless vanity and are intended to only be equipped in social slots.

    Ancient Mirage Balloon
    Dropped by Mirage Jellies - 1%
    Keep away from the ocean Balloons are nasty pollutants
    Astral Bandana
    Dropped by Astrum Deus - ( 20%/30% )
    Space Age Fashion!
    1 10
    Aureus Plating
    Dropped by Astrum Aureus - ( 20%/30% )
    Smaller in execution
    Auric Balloon
    You're lucky I didn't make you get every other balloon for this.
  9. Vanity Sets - Official Terraria Mods Wiki › wiki › Calamity&

    Apr 08, 2021 · Clamitous Mask's tooltip is a reference to how the community often swaps in Clam into the name Calamity or Calamitas, the Mask itself is a pun on Calamitous and Clam. Flak Head Crab is a reference to Headcrabs, an enemy from the Half-Life series. Gamma Sludge's tooltip is a reference to the song "Radioactive", by Imagine Dragons.

  10. Calamity's Vanities/Violemur - Official Terraria Mods Wiki › wiki › Calamity&

    Feb 07, 2021 · The Violemur is a critter that only spawns in the Astral Infection. It can be caught using the Bug Net or Golden Bug Net to be carried around in the inventory and released later, or crafted into a Violemur Perch or a Violemur Statue to be placed as an animated furniture item. It cannot be released once crafted

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