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  1. Mar 19, 2020 · Hobbs denied the accusation, saying that his family does have secrets, but none of them have to do with murder. Since the West Memphis Three were released, no one else has been charged in the murders of Stevie, Christopher and Michael. Hobbs has never wavered in his conviction that justice was served the first time around.

    • Benjamin H. Smith
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  2. Mar 29, 2013 · Documents from attorneys for Pam Hicks contend that her son and two friends were rounded up and stabbed to death with a pocket knife by her ex-husband Terry Hobbs and his companions, who saw the children spying on them as they drank and smoked marijuana, WKEG reported.

  3. May 10, 2013 · On May 6, 1993, three boys are found hog-tied and murdered in a ditch in West Memphis, Arkansas. One of the 8-year-olds is Hobbs’ stepson, Stevie Branch. “He would have been a heart breaker if he...

  4. May 2, 2022 · Hobbs was the stepfather of Steven Branch, one of the boys found murdered in 1993, in West Memphis, Arkansas. As CrimeOnline previously reported, Damien Echols, along with friends Jason Baldwin and Jesse Misskelly, were convicted of murder in 1994, in connection with the murders of Chris Byers, Michael Moore, and Steven.

  5. Oct 30, 2007 · Terry Hobbs is the one suspected of murder and the wounds that were inflicted on my nephew were where turtles bit his face. No knives and not weapons were used," says Jo Lynn McCaughey. McCaughey says her sister is very upset. She says she is too because they believe they are hearing different stories.

  6. Jan 25, 2023 · Pam Hobbs divorced Terry Hobbs in 2004 and has reversed her position on the West Memphis Three's guilt. She has since expressed her belief that her ex-husband was involved in the murders, citing the discovery of her son's favorite pocket knife in Terry Hobbs' belongings.

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