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  1. testator. The decedent who leaves a will.The feminine form used to be called “testatrix,”but today testator includes male and female.

  2. testator (testatrix) - Legal Definition. One who makes a will, especially one who dies and leaves a will. Because testator has come to be applied to both sexes, the use of the feminine testatrix has become obsolete.

  3. In Dickson, the testator wrote three lines at the bottom of the last page of the will following the self-proof affidavit: "March 16, 1987 I myself declare this will null and void of sound mind."(1) The testator signed his name after these three lines.(2) Additionally, the testator wrote and encircled the word "void" on the notarial seal located ...

  4. Considerando que a frase é "outorgante testadora," i.e., uma mulher praticante do ato testamentário, o termo correto seria 'Testatrix,' que é o feminino de 'Testator' em inglês, cf. atestam mais de 250.000 ocorrências no Google.-----Note added at 16 hrs (2018-07-18 12:18:59 GMT)

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  6. The testator might, for example, expressly supply his or her own 'dictionary' in the will itself -there may well be a definition clause clearly articulating that certain words or phrases are to be given a meaning that is not the usual meaning. Children. Technical words and phrases

  7. PDF | Will contests involving testators with diminishing capacity present a number of challenges to attorneys and courts. One such challenge is the fact... | Find, read and cite all the research ...

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