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    • 1. a woman who has made a will or given a legacy.
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  3. Testatrix | Definition of Testatrix by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › testatrix

    testatrix. noun. tes· ta· trix | \ te-ˈstā-triks, ˈte-ˌstā-. How to pronounce testatrix (audio) \. plural testatrices \ te- ˈstā- trə- ˌsēz, ˌtes- tə- ˈtrī- sēz \.

  4. Testatrix - definition of testatrix by The Free Dictionary › testatrix

    tes•ta•trix. (tɛˈsteɪ trɪks) n., pl. tes•ta•tri•ces (tɛˈsteɪ trəˌsiz, ˌtɛs təˈtraɪ siz) a woman who makes a will, esp. one who has died leaving a valid will. [1585–95; < Late Latin testātrīx; see testator, -trix] usage: See -trix.

  5. Testatrix | Definition of Testatrix at › browse › testatrix

    New Word List. Word List. noun, plural tes·ta·tri·ces [te-stey-truh-seez, tes-tuh-trahy-seez], /tɛˈsteɪ trəˌsiz, ˌtɛs təˈtraɪ siz/, Law. a woman who makes a will. a woman who has died leaving a valid will.

  6. Testatrix legal definition of Testatrix › Testatrix

    testatrix n. female form of testator, although distinguishing between genders is falling out of fashion.

  7. TESTATRIX | Definition of TESTATRIX by Oxford Dictionary on ... › definition › testatrix

    noun testatrices, testatrixes. Law. A woman who has made a will or given a legacy. ‘Thus, justice did not demand that these benefits, which were not intended by the testatrix to whom the defendants owed the duty of care, should be paid by the defendants.’. More example sentences. ‘It follows that, prima facie, the defendants would be liable at the suit of the testatrix's personal representatives for the loss caused to her estate by their failure to advise service of a notice of ...

  8. Testator / Testatrix: Definitions - Mergen Law › testator-testatrix-definition

    The definition of a testatrix is a woman who makes a will. Testatrix was a term used when testator referred to a man who made a will. Just as society now refers to all actors as actors rather than calling female actors actresses, it is now common to refer to all people who make wills as testators.

  9. Testatrix Law and Legal Definition | USLegal, Inc. › t › testatrix

    A testatrix is a legal term referring to a female who makes a will. A testator traditionally has referred to a male will maker, while a testatrix is the feminine form of the noun. However, distinguishing between genders is becoming less common.

  10. Testatrix Alternative Definition (Lat.) A woman who makes a will or testament. Related Entries of Testatrix in the Encyclopedia of Law Project .

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