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  1. Thai university applicants scored an average 28.34 percent in English in recent university entrance exams. Thailand produces a "workforce with some of the world's weakest English-language skills." In a recent IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook Thailand was ranked 54th out of 56 countries globally for English proficiency. Singapore was third ...

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    Krabi (Thai: กระบี่, pronounced ) is the main town in the province of Krabi (thesaban mueang) on the west coast of southern Thailand at the mouth of the Krabi River where it empties in Phang Nga Bay. As of 2020, the town had a population of 32,644. The town is the capital of Krabi Province and the 10 Krabi city sub-districts ...

  3. The regional 1998 Tiger Cup saw Thailand met Indonesia in a match that ill-hearted players from both team deliberately making actions aimed to avoid facing hosts Vietnam in the semi-finals and undergoing technical burden of moving training bases from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. FIFA fined both teams $40,000 for "violating the spirit of the game".

  4. Thailand is also a transit country for victims from Mainland China, North Korea, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, and Burma subjected to sex trafficking in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Russia, South Korea, the United States, and countries in Western Europe.

  5. Bahasa Melayu (Jawi: بهاس ملايو, Rencong: ꤷꥁꤼ ꤸꥍꤾꤿꥈ) adalah suatu bahasa Austronesia yang dituturkan oleh kira-kira lebih dari 41 juta orang (13,5 juta di Malaysia, 5 juta di Indonesia [butuh rujukan], tanpa jumlah penutur bahasa Indonesia) atau lebih dari 290 juta orang (dengan jumlah penutur bahasa Indonesia sekitar 260 juta) di seluruh dunia.

  6. The culture of Thailand has evolved greatly over time, from its relative isolation during the Sukhothai era, to its more contemporary Ayutthaya era, which absorbed influences from all over Asia. Indian , Chinese , Burmese , Khmer and other Southeast Asian influences are still evident in traditional Thai culture. [1]

  7. Public holidays in Thailand are regulated by the government, and most are observed by both the public and private sectors. There are usually nineteen public holidays in a year, but more may be declared by the cabinet. Other observances, both official and non-official, local and international, are observed to varying degrees throughout the country.

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