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  2. The Most Important 21st-Century Tech Inventions › the-most-important-inventions

    Jul 07, 2019 · There's no question that the technological breakthroughs of the first two decades of the 21st century have drastically revolutionized people's day-to-day lives. Television, radio, paperback novels, movie theaters, landline telephones, and letter writing have been replaced by connected devices, digital books, Netflix, and communicating via addictive apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

  3. New Technology: Top 12 Inventions of the 21st Century | IT ... › blog › new-technology-top-12-inventions
    • Blockchain. Blockchain is already revolutionizing nearly every industry, from technology, to finances, to healthcare. This database tracks and stores information chronologically through blocks of data that are chained together.
    • Cryptocurrency. Often mentioned in conjunction with blockchain, cryptocurrencies utilize the decentralized model to facilitate the exchange of goods and services online.
    • AI Cloud Services. AI cloud computing merges the machine learning capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with cloud-based computing environments.
    • 5G. As new smart devices and connected objects come into play, they’ll require a stronger connection to transmit data quickly and reliably. That’s where 5G comes in.
  4. 20 technologies that defined the first 20 years of the 21st ... › life-style › gadgets-and
    • Anthony Cuthbertson
    • iPhone. There was nothing much really new about the iPhone: there had been phones before, there had been computers before, there had been phones combined into computers before.
    • Social media. Though few people noticed, online social networks actually began at the end of the last century. The first was Six Degrees in 1997, which was named after the theory that everyone on the planet is separated by only six other people.
    • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. At the start of this century, the complete reinvention of the entire economic system wasn’t something many people were talking about.
    • Youtube. “Alright, so here we are, in front of the, er, elephants. And the cool thing about these guys is that they have really, really, really long trunks.
  5. 50 Greatest Inventions of the 21st Century - InventGEN › greatest-inventions-of-the

    Blue Origin, a space-transport firm based by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, has launched its personal reusable rocket. This is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. 16. Touchscreen glass. This is one of the inventions of the 21st century that changed the world. Super-thin, chemically strengthened glass is a key part of the touchscreen world.

  6. Technology in the 21st century classroom is any device used to supplement and enhance teaching and learning. In many modern classrooms, you will likely find many kinds of technology, including ...

  7. Teachers' beliefs and uses of technology to support 21st-century teaching and learning. International handbook of research on teacher beliefs, 403. Vockley, M. (2007). Maximizing the Impact: The Pivotal Role of Technology in a 21st Century Education System. Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

  8. A&S Wired: A Living Learning Program for Education in the ... › wired-living-learning

    Sep 12, 2013 · by Sarah Geegan. Students of the 21st century are digital natives; they have never experienced the world without the Internet, they're fluent in social media and they navigate disparate streams of information to solve problems through advancing technology.

  9. The 21st Century University President: Building Blocks for ... › cgi › viewcontent

    his description of the 19th- and 20th-Century university president, “but 21st-Century presidents appear to be driven by mammon alone” (p. 256). Schrecker (2011) argued in a recent editorial for The Chronicle of Higher Education that, due to the current financial

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