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  1. The Amazing Spider-Man (film) - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Amazing Spider-Man is a 2012 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man and sharing the title of the character's longest-running comic book series of the same name.

    • James Horner
    • June 30, 2012 (Tokyo), July 3, 2012 (United States)
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man - Wikipedia

    The Amazing Spider-Man has been the character's flagship series for his first fifty years in publication, and was the only monthly series to star Spider-Man until Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man, in 1976, although 1972 saw the debut of Marvel Team-Up, with the vast majority of issues featuring Spider-Man along with a rotating cast of ...

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  4. List of The Amazing Spider-Man issues - Wikipedia

    Parts of the issue were drawn over Amazing Spider-Man #47, resulting in a Forrest Gump-type insertion of Deadpool and Blind Al. It is unknown whether the events in Deadpool #11 remain in canon, though the story ended the same way as Amazing Spider-Man #47 did. 48: The Wings of the Vulture! Lee/Romita Sr. May 1967 The first appearance of the ...

    Issue #
    Author / Illustrator
    Publication date
    Spider-Man: Freak! Public Menace!
    Stan Lee/Steve Ditko
    March 1963
    Duel to the Death with the Vulture!
    May 1963
    The Strangest Foe of All Time...Doctor Octopus
    July 1963
    Nothing Can Stop...the Sandman!
    Sept. 1963
  5. Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 (1964–2018) | Marvel Database ...

    Publisher: Marvel ComicsType: Annual SeriesMain Volume: Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 and Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2Genre: SuperheroFeaturing: Spider-ManStatus: FinishedPublication Date: October, 1964—April, 2018 Spider-Man Annuals

  6. Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 1 | Marvel Database | Fandom

    The narrative of this story recounts the origins of Doctor Octopus as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #3. As the Sinister Six gather, the members point out how they were previously defeated by Spider-Man. These events happened in Amazing Spider-Man #9 (Electro), 13 (Mysterio), and 15 (Kraven). Typically, people cannot see Doctor Strange in his ...

  7. Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 4 | Marvel Database | Fandom

    Spider-Man tries to stop his sometime ally, when he realizes that it's all a shoot for a movie. News of the battle between the two heroes gains national press and the movie studio wants to get Spider-Man into the movie as well and sends out a call for Spider-Man to come to Hollywood to be in the film as well.

  8. Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 3 - Marvel Database
    • Appearing in " Become An Avenger!"
    • Synopsis For " Become An Avenger!"
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    Featured Characters: 1. Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Supporting Characters: 1. The Avengers 1.1. Captain America (Steve Rogers) 1.2. Thor 1.3. Iron Man (Tony Stark) 1.4. Goliath (Henry Pym) 1.5. Wasp (Janet van Dyne) 1.6. Hawkeye (Clint Barton) 2. Daredevil (Matt Murdock) 3. Aunt May 4. Daily Bugle Staff 4.1. J. Jonah Jameson 4.2. Frederick Foswell Antagonists: 1. Hulk (Bruce Banner) Other Characters: 1. Mr. Wilson (the drug store owner) Races and Species: 1. Humans 2. Asgardians Locations: 1. United States of America 1.1. New York 1.1.1. New York City Manhattan Avengers Mansion Daily Bugle Building Gamma Ray Research Center (First appearance) Queens Forest Hills Aunt May's House Items: 1. Spider-Man's Web-Shooters 2. Spider-Man's Spider-Signal 3. Captain America's Shield 4. Captain America's Uniform 5. Mjolnir Vehicles: 1. Sky-Cycle 2. Peter Parker's Motorcycle

    The Avengers have assembled and are trying to determine whether or not to invite Spider-Man into their esteemed ranks. After much debate and confusion, they decide to invite Daredevil to get more information. He shows up and gives strong praise in Spider-Man having seen him fight against The Ringmaster. After his endorsement, the Avengers unanimously vote to test Spider-Man, and if he passes, to accept him. Each Avenger takes off to find Spider-Man. Thoris the first to find him, and gives him 24 hours to show to the Avengers headquarters. Pete wrestles with the idea of being on a team in the public eye versus being self-employed and calling the shots himself. Finally, he decides to take a chance and meet the Avengers. As he arrives, the Avengers are bogged down as to what test they should give Spider-Man. Iron Mantells him to get out of the way as they figure out what they want to do. Spider-Man takes great offense and figures that riling him up is the test so Spider-Man begins to f...

    Continuity Notes

    1. It is mentioned that the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are in Europe at the time of this story. This happened in Avengers #31. At the time they believed that their powers were fading and they could be restored by reconnecting with their homeland. 1. Daredevil vouches for Spider-Man, recounting their previous encounters in Amazing Spider-Man #16, as well as Daredevil #16-17. 1. Spider-Man notes that the Hulk doesn't remember him from their last encounter. The narration states that was Amazi...

    In ...To Become An Avenger!layouts by Romita, finishes by Heck.
    Also features reprints of Amazing Spider-Man #11 and Amazing Spider-Man#12
  9. Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 28 | Marvel Database | Fandom

    Spider-Man is able to dodge the blow, but Carnage punctures a nearby fuel truck causing an explosion. As Spider-Man leaps to safety, Carnage manages to slip into a squad car and escape. With injured officers on the scene, Spider-Man can only tag the fleeing police car with a spider-tracer so he can deal with the wounded.

  10. Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 37 | Marvel Database | Fandom

    Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 37. Edit. History Talk (0) Share. Alternate Covers: Textless. Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 #37. Published: Released: July, 2010:

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