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  1. Oct 29, 2004 · Thérèse: The Story of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux: Directed by Leonardo Defilippis. With Lindsay Younce, Leonardo Defilippis, Patti Defillipis, Melissa Sumpter. The mesmerizing story of a young girl's romance with God.

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  2. The Sleepless Saint - Chapter 13 of Autobiography of a Yogi ... › autobiography-of-a-yogi

    The saint seated me on the umbrageous bamboo platform of his small cottage. After giving me sweetened lime juice and a piece of rock candy, he entered his patio and assumed the lotus posture. In about four hours I opened my meditative eyes and saw that the moonlit figure of the yogi was still motionless.

  3. [Book notes] The Autobiography of Saint Ignatius of Loyola ... › 2016/07/08

    Jul 08, 2016 · Watch his life’s movie on July 27, and then read the autobiography again. Maybe I’ll uncover something more; or, Start reading the Spiritual Exercises now. [But I am sh*t scared about this one. Because, you know, examination and more examination. I might need to call a Jesuit hotline for this.]

  4. The Autobiography of St Ignatius Loyola: Loyola, St Ignatius ... › Autobiography-St-Ignatius-Loyola

    I guess I wasn't quite sure what to expect.Reading an Autobiography of a world -renowned Saint -dictated by the Saint himself way back in 1553-'while walking'to a priest called Father Gonzalez. Today we read autobiographies of famous people and they are often filled to overflowing with self -aggrandisement and superfluous comment.

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    • St Ignatius Loyola
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  5. The Levitating Saint - Chapter 7 of Autobiography of a Yogi ... › autobiography-of-a-yogi

    Stalwart and straight, he was ideal in every respect. His face was that of a rishi, as described in the ancient texts. Noble-headed, abundantly bearded, he always sat firmly upright, his quiet eyes fixed on Omnipresence. The saint and I entered the meditative state. After an hour, his gentle voice roused me.

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  7. Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Thérèse of Lisieux. by. Thérèse de Lisieux, John Clarke (Translator) 4.32 · Rating details · 14,148 ratings · 733 reviews. This book, first published in 1898 in a highly edited version, quickly became a modern spiritual classic, read by millions and translated into over fifty-five languages.

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  8. The Tiger Swami - Chapter 6 of Autobiography of a Yogi by ... › autobiography-of-a-yogi

    The Tiger Swami made this confession with an impatient gesture, as though at some stupidity. Grimly silent for a long time, he seemed oblivious of our presence. When he took up the dangling thread of his narrative, it was suddenly, with subdued voice. “Not long after Father’s warning, I visited the capital city of Cooch Behar.

  9. The Voices of Gemma Galgani: The Life and ... › Voices-Gemma-Galgani-Afterlife

    The answer is a flat-out no, because Gemma's journey toward God doesn't need recovery-- it's there for everyone to see and think about in the writings collected in this very book-- and the only discourse that is hers is the discourse of the soul with God, and to understand that we don't need historical context, psychoanalysis, or a ...

  10. ENTERTAINING ANGELS: The Dorothy Day Story (1996) • Visual ... › visual-parables › entertaining

    Jan 20, 2014 · This reissue of Dorothy Day’s autobiography, originally published in 1952 when she was in her mid-fifties, came at a good time. Those intrigued by the all too brief film of her life ENTERTAINING ANGELS, will want to delve into this story of this St. Francis of the Twentieth Century.

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