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  2. The Aspern Papers Summary | SuperSummary

    The Aspern Papers is an 1888 novella by American author Henry James. First published as a serial in The Atlantic Monthly, it has become one of James’ best-known works alongside The Turn of the Screw and The Portrait of a Lady. The novella is based on a series of letters sent between Percy Bysshe Shelley and the stepsister of Mary Shelley, Claire Clairmont.

  3. The Aspern Papers Summary | GradeSaver

    The Aspern Papers essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Aspern Papers by Henry James. Personality reveal in the narrator's speech

  4. The Aspern Papers - Wikipedia

    The Aspern Papers is a novella by American writer Henry James, originally published in The Atlantic Monthly in 1888, with its first book publication later in the same year. One of James's best-known and most acclaimed longer tales, The Aspern Papers is based on the letters Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote to Mary Shelley 's stepsister, Claire ...

    • Henry James
    • Novella
    • 1888
    • London: 29 September 1888, New York City: 10 November 1888
  5. The Aspern Papers Summary -

    In The Aspern Papers, published in 1888, Henry James explores the price of fame, the loss of privacy, and the persistent demands of an obsessed public. Written at a time when he was living in ...

  6. The Aspern Papers movie review (2019) | Roger Ebert

    Jan 11, 2019 · The Aspern Papers. The work of Henry James, matters of era-appropriate primness and stylistic obscurantism aside, has plenty of narrative intrigue and juice. Which hasn’t stopped film adaptors of James’ work from tricking things up every now and then.

  7. The Aspern Papers Study Guide: Analysis | GradeSaver

    The Aspern Papers Analysis. These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. We are thankful for their contributions and encourage you to make your own. Written by people who wish to remain anonymous. James' book The Aspern Papers is told using first-person narration. The narrator is trying to acquire the letters from a deceased American poet, Aspern, from an old lady named Juliana who is presumed to possess them.

  8. The Aspern Papers (film) - Wikipedia

    Set in Venice in the late 19th century and based on Henry James' novella of the same name, The Aspern Papers is a story of obsession, grandeur lost, and dreams of Byronesque adventures. Ambitious editor Morton Vint is fascinated by the Romantic poet Jeffrey Aspern and by his icon's short and wildly romantic life.

  9. The Aspern Papers Chapter 5 Summary and Analysis -

    Summary The narrator has now been in the Bordereau palazzo for three months, during which time he has not seen either Juliana or Miss Tina. During the heat of the summer he spends the evenings...

  10. What Is The Aspern Papers Even About? | W Magazine | Women's ...
    • The Cast and Cameos
    • The Timeline
    • The Looks
    • The Subplots
    • The Creative License

    First and foremost, this film stars award-winning theater royalty Vanessa Redgrave and her daughter Joely Richardson, and marks the fourth film project they have both starred in together (The Charge of the Light Brigade, Wetherby, and Anonymous came before The Aspern Papers). But even more impressive than that particular mother-daughter movie- star pairing is that there are also appearances from Poppy Delevingne, Morgane Polanski (daughter of Roman Polanski), Jon Kortajarena (as the titular character), notoriously eccentric socialite Daphne Guinness, Nicolas Hau, and former Germany's Next Top Modelwinner Barbara Meier, which means the entire supporting cast of this film is made up of models-slash-actors. Even the director, Julien Landais, is a former model himself.

    When does this movie even take place? The short story Henry James wrote called The Aspern Papers was published in The Atlanticin 1888, and Kortajarena’s character is long gone by the time Meyers’s character shows up. So we’re actually looking at two separate timelines here—the latter half of the 19th century is where the story begins, before flashing back to the previous decades in which Aspern and Bordereau shared their love letters.

    In this trailer, Meyers wears a hefty amount of velvet, a kimono or two, and a dashing embroidered vest. Redgrave blesses us with a chic bright green visor-veil moment (while shouting, “I spy on you!”). There also appears to be a masquerade party, which could bring this film into Eyes Wide Shut territory if its not careful. It looks like The Aspern Papersis a peak display of late Victorian-era menswear.

    A quick viewing of this trailer would lead one to believe that this film likely includes some sort of threesome subplot in the early Aspern timeline, presumably between Aspern, a young Bordereau, and an unnamed character who is listed on iMDB as “The Romantic Poet” (and is played by Hau, the French model who rounds out the supporting cast of model/actors). There also appears to be a romance (the legitimacy of which remains to be seen) of sorts that unfolds between Vint and Miss Tina, and there might even be a murder (bloody hands in the trailer are a dead giveaway).

    You might be wondering, were any of these poets or editors or lovers real people? The short answer is no, they were not, but they are based on very real, very famous people. The Aspern Papers is based on a novella of the same name by modernist writer Henry James, and is based on actual letters written by Percy Bysshe Shelley—the Romantic English poet known for Ozymandias—and sent to Claire Clairmont, the stepsister of Frankensteinauthor Mary Shelley (Percy’s wife). For what it’s worth, Claire Clairmont was romantically involved with Lord Byron, and was the mother of his daughter Allegra, just to give you a little taste of the star power behind the real-life love quadrangle that went down in the early 19th century. Related: How to Instagram the Entire World Like Poppy Delevingne, Professional Jetsetter

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