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  1. a thin, flat strip of some material for binding, confining, trimming, protecting, etc.: a band on each bunch of watercress. a fillet, belt, or strap: a band for the hair; a band for connecting pulleys. a stripe, as of color or decorative work. a strip of paper or other material serving as a label: a cigar band.

  2. 17 hours ago · Dropped As Seattle Kraken House Band After Dissing Jeff Bezos In Amazon Arena. Seattle supergroup Who Is She? — aka members of Tacocat, Chastity Belt, and Lisa Prank — have been disinvited ...

  3. band noun (STRIP) C2 [ C ] a thin, flat piece of cloth, elastic, metal, or other material put around something, or a long, narrow piece of colour, light, etc. that is different from what surrounds it: a wrist band a red silk band A narrow band of grass separated the greenhouse from the vegetable garden. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases

  4. 1 day ago · Artists who signed contracts with UMG predecessors in the 1970s and 80s sued UMG in 2019 for allegedly rejecting their notices and continuing to sell their music without permission. OpenAI ...

  5. How to check received invites. 3. Manage your Band list. 4. Access from PC (How to Print) 5. Night mode for Android. 6. Create a Shortcut Icon.

  6. band, (from Middle French bande, “troop”), in music, an ensemble of musicians playing chiefly woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments, in contradistinction to an orchestra, which contains stringed instruments.

  7. Aug 21, 2019 · Go to on your computer’s internet browser. Sign in with your account information. You can be signed in on multiple devices at once, so no need to logout of your mobile device! You can simply upload files and photos from your PC or laptop just like you normally would with the BAND app. All of our features are available across devices.

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