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  2. This is a review for barbers in Janesville, WI: "I was a walk-in and lucky they had a spot available. Shanon was my stylist. While $27 bucks is a bit on the expensive, they offer military discounts and that was awesome. I was in and out with an excellent haircut and had a great conversation. They also have a little barber shop pet who is very ...

  3. Definition of barber as in stylist a person who cuts and arranges hair went to the barber to get his hair cut and his beard trimmed Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance stylist hairdresser hairstylist haircutter beautician coiffeur cosmetologist coiffeuse trichologist Thesaurus Entries Near barber barbed barber barbers See More Nearby Entries

  4. Jan 3, 2023 · To prove how awesome your local barber can be, we’ve created a gallery of the coolest cuts and styles you may be missing out on when you visit a Great Clips, Sports Clips, or Supercuts. So instead of visiting a hair salon to get your hair cut, hit up your local barbershop and ask for one of these fresh barber hairstyles. Contents [ show]

  5. Jan 25, 2023 · Barber extraordinaire and Eagles super fan Giannone is fully focused as he shaves in the famous Eagles logo for a client at his namesake barbershop in Plymouth Meeting. "I really think they got a ...

  6. bar·ber. (bär′bər) n. One whose business is to cut hair, usually of men and boys, and shave or trim beards. tr.v. bar·bered, bar·ber·ing, bar·bers. 1. To cut (the hair of someone). 2. To shave or trim (the beard of someone).

  7. barber / ( ˈbɑːbə) / noun a person whose business is cutting men's hair and shaving or trimming beards verb (tr) to cut the hair of to shave or trim the beard of Word Origin for barber C13: from Old French barbeor, from barbe beard, from Latin barba British Dictionary definitions for barber (2 of 2) Barber / ( ˈbɑːbə) / noun

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