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  1. Jul 07, 2020 · Unlike Disney’s 1982 hit Tron, which would gain a large fan following, Disney’s winter 1979 science fiction film The Black Hole got left behind or at least somewhere in-between. Nominated for Oscars for best cinematography, best effects, and best visual effects, the effects today don’t hold up so well, and the movie is known more for its ...

  2. Apr 04, 2013 · Disney’s ‘Black HoleRemake Lands Writer (Exclusive) "Prometheus" co-writer Jon Spaihts has been tapped to write the reinvention, which has "Oblivion" filmmaker Joe Kosinski attached to direct.

  3. Dec 04, 2009 · We’re still over a year away from the 12/17/10 release of Tron: Legacy, but the producer and director of this sequel to a classic Disney science fiction movie are reuniting to remake the other classic Disney sci-fi movie: The Black Hole. Joseph Kosinski (who is making his feature debut with Tron: Legacy) will direct from a script by Travis ...

  4. Nov 07, 2016 · You would think the point of desperation would be when Disney tries to remake their 1979 box office failure The Black Hole. But actually, they reached that point years ago and moved past it. Director Joseph Kosinski was once assigned to direct a Black Hole remake and Jon Spaihts was tasked with writing a script.

  5. May 05, 2011 · If a movie is at all successful, it will be rebooted. Red Dawn, The Black Hole, Excalibur, Dune, Fright Night, Total Recall, The Thing, Mad Max, Robocop–the list goes on and on and on–are all being developed (or perhaps redeveloped) or have already entered production, and you can expect more in the future.

  6. Jan 10, 2022 · The movie is a quasi-remake of the 1933 film starring Claude Rains and Gloria Stuart, and both are based on the book of the same name by H. G. Wells. The original film is about a man who becomes ...

  7. THE BLACK HOLE 1979 Science Fiction Movie I like the haunting music theme of this movie. Not the best science fiction movie of all time, but is one of my favorites I’d watch many times. Black

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