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    Apr 29, 2012 · Stray Dogs is the fourth episode of season two, and the thirteenth episode of the series. It was written by Neil Jordan, and directed by Jon Amiel. 1 Storyline 1.1 Plot synopsis 2 Appearances 3 Poll 4 Videos 4.1 Sneak peeks 5 References Cesare recruits a band of mercenaries with the help of Micheletto to seek revenge on the retreating French troops for burning the nunnery where his beloved ...

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    Welcome to a The Borgias wiki that is updated on all the latest news and spoilers!This is an unoffical wiki for The Borgias, and is not in any way affiliated with Showtime, the show, cast or crew.This wiki contains spoilers. Read at your own risk! The Borgias is a show featuring adult content of graphic language, nudity, and violence. If you browse this wiki, you have agreed that you are ...

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  4. Lucrezia Borgia | The Borgias Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Lucrezia_Borgia

    Lucrezia Borgia is a main character in the first, second and third seasons. She is portrayed by Holliday Grainger, and makes her debut in the series premiere. 1 2 Incestous Relationship with Cesare Borgia 2.1 Cesare Borgia 3 Gallery 4 Family tree 5 References Cesare is Lucrezia's older brother. They are extremely close, and have a strong bond. Cesare takes care of his sister and just wants to ...

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    Apr 03, 2011 · Season 1 Season 2 (aired April 8 - June 17, 2012) Season 3 (aired April 14 - June 16, 2013)

  6. The Borgias | Tropedia - All The Tropes Wiki | Fandom › wiki › The_Borgias

    The Borgias provides examples of: Acquired Poison Immunity: In "Day of Ashes" della Rovere gives his chosen assassin doses of cantarella poison to make him immune. Affably Evil: How Jeremy Irons is playing Rodrigo Borgia, to a tee. This impression is only furthered by the fact that he's one of the least all-around evil people in the show!

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    Forced into the priesthood against his will by his father, Cesare is in reality violent, dashing, and cavalier. He serves as his father's Consigliore and carries out the most heinous crimes to advance the family's cause. His love for the beautiful but married Ursula Bonadeo brings him to murder her husbandand drive her to a nunnery to spend her life in penance.

    He consistently proves his military and strategic prowess, helping his father amass tremendous wealth and power. While devoted to his sister and mother, Cesare has a bitter rivalry with his brother Juan, causing him to commit the ultimate crime, fratricide, thus threatening the very foundation of the Borgias' power.

    As plots to assassinate his family become increasingly prevalent, Cesare’s hatred for the House of Sforza escalates. Released from cardinalate, he is sent to France by his father to ascertain the friendship of King Louis XIIand to find himself a bride, while at the same time his relationship with Lucrezia grows more intimate. As war continues to threaten Rome, Cesare seeks out allies and finds them in the bastard sons of Orsini, Vitelli, and Baglioni, eventually rising to command both the Fre...

    Lucrezia is Cesare's younger sister. The two of them are extremely close and that can be seen from the very first episode. He takes care of her and her sonand is even willing to kill for them. He doesn't want Lucrezia to get married off without her consent and that's often a point of conflict between him and his father, Rodrigo, who prefers political marriages to ensure allies for the family. Cesare is also the one to kill both of Lucrezia's husbands, first stabbing Lucrezia's first husband G...

    Cesare first meets Micheletto at Cardinal Orsini's palace, when he finds the assassin preparing a poison destined for his father and himself. Micheletto tells him that he'd gladly serve him and his father. Cesare then orders him to poison Orsini instead and he does so. The relationship between Cesare and Micheletto gradually turns into one of mutual friendship and trust. Cesare even entrusts Micheletto with the safety of his family, the most sacred thing to him. After Micheleto goes into hidi...

    Cesare meets Charlotte of Albret during his journey to France. King Louis of Franceoffers her, among other things, to him as a wife, in exchange for the Papal bull that annuls his marriage. Charlotte and Cesare seem to have chemistry right from the start. Both claim to be to each other's satisfaction. None of them seems to really care about whether or not they will truly love each other. Charlotte's dowry is 50,000 ducats and property to match his title of Duke of Valentinois.

    Cesare is portrayed as the oldest of child of Rodrigo Borgia and Vanozza Cattaneoin the series, but this is inaccurate with history. The oldest son of Rodrigo Borgia was Pier Luigi de Borgia, the h...
    Cesare did not murder Giovanni Sforza. Giovanni died in Pesaro in 1510, outliving Cesare by three years.
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    The Borgias (2011-2013; TV series) a.k.a. Borgia Following the Borgia family as they rise to power in the Roman Catholic church. Rodrigo Borgia uses bribery, with the help of his son, to secure his position as Pope Alexander VI. But he has gained enemies in the College of Cardinals, who begin to plot against him. He must find alliances. John Arthur (Episode 2.8 Truth and Lies) Steven Berkoff ...

  9. The Borgias/Awesome | Tropedia | Fandom › wiki › The_Borgias

    The reveal of Rome's "cannons" is awesome from start to finish. Cesare's defiance, the pounding music, the synchronized falling-away of the banners unveiling them, and not least the actors' work--hardened political mavens and soldiers having subtle but uncontrollable flinches in the face of the sudden appearance of massed artillery, men ready to fire them, and their battle lines still forming ...

  10. Tears of Blood | The Borgias Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Tears_of_Blood

    Tears of Blood is the eighth episode of season three, and the twenty-seventh episode of the series. It was written by Neil Jordan, and directed by David Leland. It premiered on June 2, 2013. 1 Storyline 1.1 Plot synopsis 2 Appearances 3 Gallery 4 Videos 4.1 Promo 4.2 Sneak peeks Pilgrims are flooding to Rome for the Jubilee year celebrations, and the Spear of Longinus is the centerpiece of the ...

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