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  1. Boston Massacre, (March 5, 1770), skirmish between British troops and a crowd in Boston, Massachusetts. Widely publicized, it contributed to the unpopularity of the British regime in much of colonial North America in the years before the American Revolution. Prelude

  2. The Boston Massacre was viewed by some patriot-minded colonists as an example of British rulers ruthlessly murdering unarmed civilians, including John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and Paul Revere. History claims that’s how they explained it to other colonies, in an effort to incite anti-British feeling that would finally result in independence.

  3. Re-Engraving Paul Revere: The Boston Massacre In March of 2020, for the 250th commemoration, Andy painstakingly hand-engraved a full-size replica of Revere’s “Boston Massacre”, which was printed off the wooden rolling press at the Printing Office of Edes & Gill, doing everything that Revere did, by hand, with the same materials.

  4. The Boston Massacre was a direct result of the growing tensions between the colonists and the British soldiers stationed in Boston. The soldiers were constantly harassed by the colonists and felt like they were not respected. The tensions came to a head on March 5, 1770, when a group of soldiers got into a fight with a group of colonists.

  5. Libby Emmons, editor-in-chief of The Post Millennial, explained that Buttons’s investigation pulled the curtain back on a lot of sinister practices at Boston Children’s. “One, the doctors will perform what’s called a vaginoplasty on young males who are 17. To receive a phalloplasty, you have to be 18. To receive a double mastectomy, 15 ...

  6. Boston’s 148-114 victory is known as the Memorial Day Massacre, and it’s a game the Lakers wanted to quickly forget. After the Celtics put up 79 points in the first half and held a 79-49 lead at the break, the Lakers knew they needed to focus on Game 2. A loss by 50 or a loss by one was still only one loss.

  7. Liberty's Kids (stylized on-screen as Liberty's Kids: Est. 1776) is an American animated historical fiction television series produced by DIC Entertainment, and originally aired on PBS Kids from September 2, 2002, to April 4, 2003, with reruns airing on most PBS stations until October 8, 2004. [1]

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