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  1. Mar 15, 2023 · On March 5, 1770, a group of British soldiers open fired on a group of Boston citizens, killing five. This event, the Boston Massacre, was one in a series of crises that led many American colonists to choose independence from Great Britain five years later.

  2. Mar 17, 2023 · Thousands of militiamen from around New England left their farms, descended on Boston and launched an 11-month siege of their own port city. It was an unplanned display of resolve that shocked...

  3. Mar 17, 2023 · Between June 1962 and January 1964, 13 women were found fatally strangled with their own clothing and sexually assaulted in their homes across the Boston area. The victims – Anna Elsa Šlesers ...

  4. Mar 18, 2023 · On March 5, 1770, a confrontation between British soldiers and Bostonians just outside the Old State House left five dead and many more wounded. This confrontation, soon to become known and immortalized as the “Boston Massacre,” forever altered the history of Boston and the American colonies.

  5. Mar 15, 2023 · The Boston Massacre. On the cold, snowy night of March 5, 1770, a mob of American colonists gathers at the Customs House in Boston and begins taunting the British soldiers guarding the building.

  6. Mar 16, 2023 · On a cold evening in Boston on March 5, 1770, an incident took place that would serve as a major catalyst for the upcoming American Revolution. During this time, tensions had been rising among the colonists as they became more and more frustrated by the imposing presence of British soldiers.

  7. Mar 18, 2023 · Kids enjoy playing by changing the easel modes: painting with brushes, by numbers, by letters, or by solving problems for addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. Our young talents love to fantasize, so we have prepared magical stories in form, content and colors.

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