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  1. History of Roman Catholicism | Britannica › history-of-Roman-Catholicism

    …7), Italian head of the Roman Catholic church whose pontificate (1846–78) was the longest in history and was marked by a transition from moderate political liberalism to conservatism. Notable events of his reign included the declaration of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception (1854), the Syllabus of Errors (1864), and…

  2. What is the origin of the Roman Catholic Church ... › origin-Catholic-church

    Apr 26, 2021 · The Roman Catholic Church contends that its origin is the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ in approximately AD 30. The Catholic Church proclaims itself to be the church that Jesus Christ died for, the church that was established and built by the apostles.

  3. The Catholic Church | Western Civilization › the-catholic-church

    The history of the Catholic Church begins with the teachings of Jesus Christ, who lived in the 1st century CE in the province of Judea of the Roman Empire. The contemporary Catholic Church says that it is the continuation of the early Christian community established by Jesus.

  4. Catholic Church History: A Brief Timeline › 2012 › 09

    (Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church Split) • Crusades • St. Francis creates the Franciscan Order (Dominican, Carmelite, and Augustinian Orders also created by others) • St. Ignatius creates the Jesuit Order • Jesuit Missionary Work Begins in Japan, Africa, and North America • Council of Trent • Protestant Reformation

  5. Timeless: A History of the Catholic Church | The Catholic ... › timeless-history

    Steve Weidenkopf teaches Church History at the Christendom College Graduate School of Theology in Alexandria, VA. He is the author of The Glory of the Crusades(2014), The Real Story of Catholic History: Answering Twenty Centuries of Anti-Catholic Myths (2017), and 20 Answers: The Reformation (2017).

  6. A Very Short Introduction to the History of Catholic ... › articles › a-very-short

    May 03, 2021 · A bout six years ago Michael Chaberek, OP published an English translation of his history of Catholic thought about evolution. Unfortunately, it gets many things wrong. It is historically inaccurate, sometimes in ways that merely put historical events out of focus, but at other times in ways that are much more serious.

  7. A history of the Catholic church in the dioceses of Pittsburg ... › details › HistoryCatholicChurchPittsburg

    A history of the Catholic church in the dioceses of Pittsburg and Allegheny from its establishment to the present time by Lambing, Andrew Arnold, 1842-1918, author

  8. The Catholic Church and the Holocaust | Origins: Current ... › history-news › catholic-church-and

    The Catholic Church as a whole is certainly far less anti-Semitic than it was even a generation ago, but it still occasionally acts in ways that reveal a certain insensitivity toward and lack of understanding of Jewish concerns.

  9. The French Revolution and the Catholic Church | History Today › archive › french-revolution

    In 1789, the year of the outbreak of the French Revolution, Catholicism was the official religion of the French state. The French Catholic Church, known as the Gallican Church, recognised the authority of the pope as head of the Roman Catholic Church but had negotiated certain liberties that privileged the authority of the French monarch, giving it a distinct national identity characterised by ...

  10. The unbearable ugliness of the Catholic Church › unbearable-ugliness-catholic-church

    Aug 29, 2018 · According to polls, an astonishing 98 percent of Catholics in the U.S. reject the church's teaching on contraception. Catholic women are just as likely as non-Catholic women to have an abortion ...

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