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  3. Stress can lead to serious heatlh problems. Here are 21 ways to lower stress

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    • Upcoming tests. Many students worry about getting a good grade or simply making time to study if there is more than one upcoming test. Test stress doesn’t just affect struggling students, either—high-achievers usually experience a lot of stress about doing well on tests.
    • Too much homework. When your child is overwhelmed or frustrated by homework, it makes it harder for him or her to complete assignments. This can cause a stressful cycle where homework piles up and your child doesn’t have the time or energy to complete it all—leading to even more stress.
    • A heavy workload. Whether it’s advanced-level classes or the amount of studying required, a heavy workload can be a major source of stress for students.
    • Lack of organization. Students with poor organizational skills tend to experience more stress in school. This is usually because they aren’t properly prepared with the tools or the understanding needed to learn.
  2. Jun 10, 2019 · Students also feel stress when they get too little sleep, a poor diet and even from having too much downtime. Being expected to speak up in class, being disorganized and having a fear of change can lead to anxiety among students. All these stressors can be treated and overcome. Beat Stress in College. Campuses offer counseling services to students.

  3. There are several causes of stress that are common among students. To begin with, stress can be caused by poor sleeping habits. The National Sleep Foundation recommends keeping a …show more content… Negative stress, meaning uncontrolled or too much stress, can cause headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, depression, anxiety, and may worsen specific sicknesses or ailments.

  4. Some of the common causes of stress among the school students include the following; Academics. Students suffer from stress because of the academic pressure whereby they are involved in tackling very difficult assignment. Also parents and teachers exert a lot of pressure on student to perform better.

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