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  1. n. 1. a. The position at which two lines, surfaces, or edges meet and form an angle: the four corners of a rectangle. b. The area enclosed or bounded by an angle formed in this manner: sat by myself in the corner; the corner of one's eye. 2. The place where two roads or streets join or intersect. 3.

  2. Florida governor Ron DeSantis may be on the verge of a major victory in the education wars. Yesterday, the College Board — the group that runs the SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) tests ...

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  6. Corner plot /ˈkôrnər plät/ (noun): An illustrative representation of different projections of samples in high dimensional spaces. It is awesome. I promise. Synonyms: scatterplot matrix, pairs plot, draftsman’s display. This Python module uses matplotlib to visualize multidimensional samples using a scatterplot matrix.

  7. Corner-lot analysis is most effective in digital electronics because of the direct effect of process variations on the speed of transistor switching during transitions from one logic state to another, which is not relevant for analog circuits, such as amplifiers.

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