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  1. We visited Country Club Valley Vista for three days. The stay was very good. ... Country Club Hospitality & Holidays Limited. 6-3-1219 /A, 4 th & 5 th Floor, Begumpet ...

    • Separate and Independent Legal Entity. A company has a separate, independent and legal existence from its shareholders. This means that it has an identity of its own and can work independently, accumulate assets and take on debt under its own name.
    • Limited Liability. The shareholders have limited liability in case the company is sued for any debts or other encumbrances. The shareholder’s liability is limited to the amount unpaid on his or her shares.
    • Equal Rights of Ownership. The total ownership of the company is denoted by its share capital. This is divided into a number of shares, each with equal nominal value.
    • Transferability of Shares. Any shareholder can transfer his or her ownership by simply transferring the shares to another person. If the shareholder sells off his or her shares, then the buyer acquires the same rights of ownership as the original shareholder.
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  3. We are members of Country Club. During 2019 we booked hotels at Phuket and Bangkok. While making members, they said that only 5 star hotels shall be provided. But the phuket hotel provided to us was not 5 star hotel and the services rendered to us was of 3 star only. Further, the Company take Rs.7000/- per year being maintenance charges and ...

  4. An Indian Limited Liability Company (LLC) obtains these benefits: 100% foreign ownership, limited liability, two shareholders (who can be foreigners) are required, low minimum share capital, and English is widely spoken and used in all documents.

  5. An LLC is the entity of choice for a businesses seeking to flow through losses to its investors because an LLC offers complete liability protection to all its members. Advantages of LLC: Pass-through taxation No restrictions on the number of members allowed Members have flexibility in structuring the company management

  6. Jun 05, 2018 · Tax advantage - An LLP allows its members to join and depart with no tax burden.The members of an LLP are taxed directly as if they had earned their share of the LLP’s profits themselves.Their tax is not related to the money withdrawn by them from the LLP.The LLP itself pays no tax on its profits. Disadvantages of a Limited Liability Partnership.

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