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  1. Grand social clubbing, holiday, fitness and events in India beyond! LUXURIOUS, AFFORDABLE & SEAMLESS Treat your family to a spectacular weekend, go on exceptional holidays, get fit at state of the art fitness and recreational centres, relax in luxury and celebrate special moments of your life with The Country Club. CLUBBING HOLIDAYS FITNESS EVENTS

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  2. Jan 24, 2022 · ADVANTAGES OF LLP REGISTRATION IN INDIA. There are several reasons why people opt for LLP registration in India over Private Limited Company incorporation. LLPs are considered to be easier to set up and flexible form of business. Entrepreneurs find it feasible to start their organization as it is comparatively hassle-free in day-to-day operations.

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  4. Partnership Advantages. each partner can work on their preferred area of expertise, more efficient than proprietorship. partnership disadvantages. Decision making is slower and can lead to disagreements. Whys is the borrowing power of a partnership greater than borrowing power of a sole proprietorship.

  5. LLC advantages (4) 1. limited liability 2. unlimited members 3. taxed as a partnership 4. lots of flexibility LLC disadvantages (4) 1. can assign financial rights, NOT liabilities 2. piercing the corporate veil 3. subject to state of domicile's jurisdiction 4. legal forms/filings/annual filings (can be expensive) corporation advantages (5)

  6. May 27, 2022 · Advantages of a Limited Liability Company Limited Liability Tax Advantage Flexibility of Income Distribution Simplicity Member Controlled Disadvantages of a Limited Liability Company Difficult to Raise Capital Confusion Across States No Perpetual Existence Advantages of a Limited Liability Company Limited Liability

  7. In a normal partnership, any member who wants to limit his or her liability can no longer be involved in the day to day management of the business. One of the advantages of a Limited Liability Company is that all members are protected from personal liability without any restriction on their ability to manage and participate in the LLC.