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    In 2000, David Ebershoff wrote The Danish Girl, a fictionalised account of Elbe's life. It was an international bestseller and was translated into a dozen languages. In 2015, it was made into a film, also called The Danish Girl, produced by Gail Mutrux and Neil LaBute and starring Eddie Redmayne as Elbe.

    • Danish
    • Einar Magnus Andreas Wegener, 28 December 1882, Vejle, Denmark
    • Lili Ilse Elvenes, (legal name)
    • 13 September 1931 (aged 48), Dresden, Germany
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  2. The tragic true story behind The Danish Girl

    The tragic true story behind The Danish Girl Lili Elbe (left), whose life story is told in 'The Danish Girl', starring Eddie Redmayne (right) Credit: Ullstein Bild via Getty Images E inar Wegener...

  3. The Danish Girl vs the True Story of Lili Elbe, Gerda Wegener

    The Danish Girl true story reveals that the model who failed to show up was Anna Larssen, a popular actress and friend of the couple. This is believed to have happened around 1908. On the telephone, Anna Larssen suggested to Gerda that the thin-framed Einar stand in for her.

  4. The Danish Girl: the true story behind Tom Hooper's ...

    The Danish Girl: the true story behind Tom Hooper's transgender film starring Eddie Redmayne Hailed as the transgender film of the year, the Danish Girl screened in Venice this weekend to a...

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  6. Biopic Formula Undermines The Danish Girl's True Story

    Dec 15, 2015 · The Danish Girl, Tom Hooper’s portrait of Jazz Age painters Gerda Wegener and her spouse, Einar, who butterflied into Lili Elbe via the world’s first sexual-reassignment surgery, is about gender...

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    Nov 25, 2015 · In The Danish Girl, based on a true story, Redmayne plays Lili Elbe, a Danish trans woman and, as the movie asserts, one of the first known individuals to undergo gender confirmation surgery. And...

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  8. The tragic true story behind The Danish Girl - The Telegraph

    Feature 28 Feb 2016 The tragic true story behind The Danish Girl Horatia Harrod. Lili Elbe defied convention and pushed the boundaries of medical science to become the first transgendered woman.

  9. Lili Elbe Biography - Biography

    Lili Elbe was born Einar Wegener in Vejle, Denmark in 1882 and moved to Copenhagen to study art at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts as a teenager. After marrying Gerda Gottlieb, Elbe...

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