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  1. Dark matter is almost entirely black, has "dark" in the name, and is a Psycho Serum. The Helmet of Shadows has a dark color scheme, has "shadows" in the name, and is used mostly by villains. The overlord has a black color scheme, is referred to as "the embodiment of darkness", has the elemental power of "darkness" and is a Greater-Scope Villain ...

  2. The killing blow was the rise of disability rights and activists spreading awareness of these disabilities. Soon, people started viewing freak shows as profit-motivated exploitation of the disabled. Today, traditional freak shows are extinct, and Values Dissonance ensures that they are not coming back. There are still a few modern freak shows ...

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  4. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: She is the princess of the Gelfling Vapra Clan, the third-born daughter of All-Maudra Mayrin (queen) and the younger sister of Princesses Seladon and Katavra. Voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy; performed by Alice Dinnean. Beatriz Reyes-Montilla (aka Dyesebel) Dyesebel