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  1. SUBMISSIONS | dark-magazine

    Showing the DARK side of the world. DARK MAGAZINE is a quarterly released online/print on demand magazine, launched Sep 2015. We are looking for dark editorial, conceptual, fashion photography for our magazine and online.

  2. The Dark Magazine | Duotrope

    The Dark Magazine Submission Statistics The statistics in this section are compiled from submission reports sent to us through our submission tracker . They are not provided by the publication's editors/staff or by Duotrope's admins.

  3. Submissions – Light and Dark Magazine

    At present, Light and Dark will only be accepting submissions of short fiction. The submission windows will be as follows: 2019/2020 December 1 - January 15: Issue 12 will be released on February 15 February 1 - March 15: Issue 13 will be released on April 15 April 1 - May 15: Issue 14 will be released on June 15 Submission Specifics: Length:…

  4. Quanta Magazine

    (Quanta Magazine is an editorially independent publication sponsored by the Simons Foundation, which also funds the Flatiron Institute.) When denser zones of dark matter dragged matter toward them, eventually forming galaxies and stars, this would have largely — but not entirely — washed out the ripples initially moving through the matter.

  5. Subscribe | The Dark Side

    Infinity magazine print subscription. The future is in your hands with Infinity, an exciting new science-fiction magazine packed with amazing pictures and fun features on your favourite SF films and TV shows. If you enjoy The Dark Side you are going to love this great mag just as much. Subscribe now and get it delivered to your door.

  6. Dark Side 179. 2nd November 2016. POPULAR CATEGORY. Articles 143; Blog 138; Reviews 138; In The Magazine 101; Interviews 16; Dark Side Digital 7; Issue 150 2 ...

  7. Dark Scribe Magazine is a free web-based publication that focuses exclusively on the creative forces behind horror, suspense, thrillers, and other dark fiction and non-fiction works. While the thrust of the magazine is on writers, we maintain a strong secondary focus on the editors, artists, retailers, short story fiction markets, and Internet ...

  8. Submission Guidelines - DARK MATTER MAGAZINE

    Dark Matter Magazine aims to bring you stories that explore the shadow side of reality. This does not mean that we prefer gratuitous sex and violence, or that the story must be cynical or misanthropic. Even stories of hope and optimism can arrive at their theses after first taking us on a journey through the … Continue reading Submission Guidelines →

  9. Undark Magazine explores science at the point where it intersects — and sometimes collides — with politics, economics and culture.

  10. Dark Dossier is a monthly magazine featuring original and classic reprints of stories of Ghosts, Aliens, Monsters, & Killers.