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  1. Speedy, Evergreen’s Geoduck Mascot | The Evergreen State College Speedy, Evergreen’s Geoduck Mascot Speedy the geoduck is Evergreen’s mascot. The geoduck has been called every name in the book: weird, versatile, baffling, even a delicacy, but Speedy represents the essence of Evergreen’s charm.

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    Name: The official name of the college is The Evergreen State College. Evergreen is acceptable on second reference. Evergreen College, Evergreen State and TESC are incorrect. Mascot and Motto: The school mascot is the geoduck clam, panopea generosa. Pronounced “gooey-duck,” the name comes from a local tribal word meaning “dig deep.” Speedy the Geoduck regularly appears on lists of weirdest college mascots.

  3. The Evergreen State College. 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW. Olympia, Washington 98505 (360) 867-6000. Phone & Email Directories.

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    The Evergreen State College is a public liberal arts and sciences college in Olympia, Washington.Founded in 1967, it offers a non-traditional undergraduate curriculum in which students have the option to design their own study towards a degree or follow a pre-determined path of study.

    • Speedy the Geoduck
    • Rural / suburban, 1,000 acres (400 ha)
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    Nov 18, 2020 · Evergreen's People Student Profiles. Success After Evergreen. Our Mascot, the Geoduck. College Administrators. Other Locations ...

  6. The 15 Worst College Mascots of All Time › blog › the-10-worst
    • The Stanford Tree – Stanford University. Stanford is located in Palo Alto, California, a place that is known for their beautiful redwoods. That explains why the school band, not the school, went with this guy as their mascot.
    • WuShock – Wichita State. Sorry Dorothy, it looks like we are in Kansas this time around. You can tell by the giant stalk of wheat hyping up the crowd at Wichita State.
    • Sammy the Slug – UC Santa Cruz. It could be an alien, it could be a rejected Teletubby, but this is Sammy the Slug – a banana slug that’s been UC Santa Cruz’s mascot since 1996.
    • Fighting Okra – Delta State University. The Fighting Okra can easily be considered for a list of ugly college mascots. He’s the face of Delta State, and like a lunar eclipse, he only appears at random times around campus.
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  8. The Most Outrageous Official College Mascots of 2021 › the-most-outrageous
    • The Gorlok: Webster University. Webster University’s incredibly unique mascot consists of the paws of a cheetah, the horns of a buffalo and the face of a Saint Bernard dog.
    • Speedy the Geoduck: Evergreen State University. Pronounced gooey-duck, Evergreen State University’s mascot may not sit well with some fans. The largest burrowing clam, the oldest known Geoduck lived to be 168 years old.
    • Big Red the Hilltopper: Western Kentucky University. Unsure what a Hilltopper may be? Don’t worry, so are we. In 1979, a WKU student decided that the school’s teams could use a mascot.
    • The Billiken: St. Louis University. The Billiken: a creature described as monkey looking with pointed ears and a creepy smile. St. Louis University’s use of this strange being as their mascot began because of the monster’s resemblance to one of the school’s coaches at the time.
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