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      • The Extra Mile. A leg for a leg. An eye for eye. Jesus gave his life for ours. Jesus came and went the extra mile. His father gave him a great power. He used it to inspire and aid us. Jesus continues to go the extra mile for us.
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  2. The Extra Mile Poem by Phyllis May Coates - Poem Hunter › poem › the-extra-mile

    Jan 02, 2003 · The Extra Mile Poem by Phyllis May Coates. Read Phyllis May Coates poem:Each day we were urged, A little longer to walk. As the wagon train rolled along..

  3. 'The Extra Mile' Poem - The Care Workers Charity › News › the-extra-mile

    The Extra Mile. I go the extra mile. To see that extra smile. I go out of my way. To make somebody’s day. I go the extra mile for the person who cannot walk. I go the extra mile for the person unable to talk. No time to eat my lunch today. No time to use the toilet.

  4. The Extra Mile Poem by Amal Alawar - Poem Hunter › poem › the-extra-mile-4

    Jun 04, 2015 · POET'S NOTES ABOUT THE POEM 'The Extra Mile' for my friend who's feeling down, I hope you feel better, prayers for you and your family... READ THIS POEM IN OTHER LANGUAGES This poem has not been translated into any other language yet.

  5. The Extra Mile Poem by Thomas J. Martin - Poem Hunter › poem › the-extra-mile-2

    Jan 02, 2003 · Silver heart of Jesus, Please shine on me today help me go the extra mile With faith to guide my way Thank you Lord you've given, now, To me, another day Let me help another On bended knee, I pray Thank you God for this beautiful night Please help me to live through it And in my darkest hour I know your morning light shines through it.

  6. The Extra Mile Poem by Leria Hawkins - Poem Hunter › poem › the-extra-mile-3

    The Extra Mile Date: July 13,2012 My longing remains unclaimed Flustered by the winds of change Whipped around and tossed awry Leaving me to wonder why The perfect match, would set aflame A perfect love, not silly games A fire that burns without remorse Not some hoax or Trojan horse A passion true, would never hide Would walk ahead and push aside If mountains high, obscure the path Come tumbling down, beneath its wrath A love that life allows to be Would not be swayed by trickery Would have ...

  7. Extra Mile. by Eddie Blakelock - Hello Poetry › poem › 4089618

    Oct 2020. Extra Mile. Going the extra mile for persons deemed to be ordinary, can make their journeys to become quite extra-ordinary, the very bold and the brave risk- takers, can really become the great and astute vision-makers, who can and will achieve their noble mission, with sheer determination and clear 20/20 vision. Written by.

  8. Poems - Going the Extra Mile › poems

    POEMS The Extra Mile A leg for a leg An eye for eye Jesus gave his life for ours Jesus came and went the extra mile His father gave him a great power He used it to inspire and aid us Jesus continues to go the extra mile for us I will do the same and pay it forward. Taylor Watson Extra Mile Don't do just enough Don't give up, go the extra mile

  9. This is a legacy that positively influences family members, friends, colleagues or organizations. This is a legacy that speaks by way of actions, behaviors and the spoken words of encouragement, compassion, excitement, caring, friendliness, helping, and seeing the best rather than the worse. Contrary to many aspects of the culture of selfishness, the me for me attitude, the legacy of going the extra mile puts the individual last and their contributions first.

  10. What Does the Bible Say About Going The Extra Mile? › topics › going_the_extra_mile

    And if anyone would sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. And if anyone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. Give to the one who begs from you, and do not refuse the one who would borrow from you.

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