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  1. Katrin Arndt ... head of production: Nvizible VFX Tom Balogh ... visual effects editor: Nvizible Ed Bruce ... visual effects supervisor: SSVFX

  2. Gregg Featherman ... the director and writer wish to thank Andre Fenley ... The Director and Writer Wish to Thank the Following (as Andre Fernley) Jeff Frankel ... thanks Cedric B. Glover ... the producers wish to thank (as Mayor Cedric Glover) Tami Goldman ... the director and writer wish to thank

  3. Koromaru is a playable character from Persona 3. Persona 3 / FES / Portable: Playable Character Persona 3 Portable (F): Strength Arcana Social Link Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight: Cameo (DLC) Persona 3 (Manga): Major Character Persona 3 The Movie: Major Character Persona 3 Portable Dear Girls Comic Anthology: Major Character Persona 3: the Weird Masquerade -Gunjou no Meikyuu- / -Souen no ...

  4. Margaret is a character from Persona 4. An assistant of Igor, she is the sole Velvet Room attendant in the original version of the game. In Persona 4 Golden, she is accompanied by Marie. Persona 3 Portable: Vision Quest Guide; Optional Boss Persona 3 Portable: Velvet Blue Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight: Partner Persona 4 / Golden: Igor's Assistant; Optional Boss; Empress Social Link Persona 4 ...

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