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    Who was the head of Rocky's Raiders in the Flintstones?

    What was the last episode of the Flintstones?

    Who was Fred Flintstone's grandfather in the Flintstones?

    When did the first episode of Rocky's Raiders air?

  2. The Flintstones - The Story Of Rocky's Raiders | › video › the-story-of-rockys-raiders

    Fred’s grandfather comes for a visit. While awaiting his arrival, Fred finds Grandpa Flintstone’s diary, which recalls his army days as the head of “Rocky’s Raiders” in “Stone World War I”.

  3. The Story of Rocky's Raiders - The Flintstones › cartoon › story-rockys-raiders

    Home/ Cartoons/ The Story of Rocky’s Raiders. The Story of Rocky’s Raiders. 2627views. The children found a crate with a lot of things, including a diary held by Fred’s Great grandfather, Rocky Flintstone, who is about to visit him. His tale is during the First Rock War, where he is given a mission to release famous spy Mata Harock from the clutches of an evil German officer, General Von Rippenrock.

  4. The Story of Rocky's Raiders | The Flintstones | Fandom › wiki › The_Story_of_Rocky&
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    Fred's grandfather comes for a visit. While awaiting his arrival, Fred finds Grandpa Flintstone's diary, which recalls his army days as the head of "Rocky's Raiders" in Stone World War I.

    Fred's grandfather, Rockbottom "Rocky" Flintstone, a veteran flier of Stone World War I, is expected to visit Fred and family. Fred and Wilma rummage through a trunk containing the military presents sent over the years to Fred by Rocky. An innocuous hand grenade and a flight helmet of Rocky's are some of the items, but most interesting to the Flintstones and Rubbles is Rocky's diary, which Fred reads aloud so that he, Wilma, Barney, and Betty learn of Rocky's rescue of French multiple-agent Mata Harrock from German jailer Baron Von Rickenrock, "The Horrible Hun". In a flashback sequence portraying this adventure, Rocky looks like Fred, Rocky's assistant, Reggie Vanderock, resembles Barney, and Mata Harrock is a Gallic Wilma. Having flown with a "primitive", peddle-operated flying contraption (standard Stone World War I equipment) into the area where Mata is reported by Allied spies to be detained by Von Rickenrock, Rocky and Reggie survive the disintegration of their aerial transpor...

    1. Flintstone home


    1. Cafe (only appearance) 2. Kaiser Stoneheim Air Base (only appearance) 3. Flemish farmhouse (only appearance)

    Rocky Flintstone's trunk (only appearance)
    Hand grenade (only appearance)
    Water gun (only appearance)
    Rhinosaurus head (only appearance)
    German aircraft planes (only appearance)
    Bicycles (only appearance)
    Hay wagon (only appearance)
    In a flashback, Betty speaks with a French accent and Wilma speaks with a Russian accent.
    The scene where Wilma as Mata Harrock bit Von Rickenrock's finger after he pointed it at her was reused from the episode, "The Happy Household".
  5. Storyline. The children found a crate with a lot of things, including a diary held by Fred's Great ...

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    • Joseph Barbera, William Hanna
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  6. Watch The Flintstones S01:E166 - Story of Rocky's Raiders ... › s01-e166-story-of-rocky-s-raiders

    The Flintstones find an old diary recounting the daring World War I exploits of Grandpa Rocky Season 1 S01:E01 - The Flinstone Flyer Fred fakes an illness so he and Barney can go bowling.

  7. The Flintstones - Season 6 Episode 26: The Story of Rocky's ... › tv › the-flintstones

    ABC | Air Date: April 1, 1966. Starring: Mel Blanc, Don Messick, Alan Reed, Gerry Johnson, Jean Vander Pyl. Summary: Fred relives the exciting adventures of his grandfather, flying ace Lt. Rocky Flintstone, and his sidekick Lt. Reggie Vanderrock, whose mission is to rescue the famous spy Mata Harrock from the clutches of Baron Von Rickenrock.

  8. Bowling Ballet - The Flintstones › cartoon › bowling-ballet

    Fred, a talented bowler, seems to have lost the knack of it of late, and a big tournament is coming up. Some of his co-workers have even bet their wages on the outcome. Desperate to get back his game, Fred decides to take ballet lessons at the local dance school; perhaps a little fancy footwork is what he needs.

  9. Reggie Vanderock | The Flintstones | Fandom › wiki › Reggie_Vanderock

    Voiced by. Mel Blanc. Reggie Vanderock is a Stone World War I lieutenant and partner of Rockbottom Flintstone and a one-time character of the episode, " The Story of Rocky's Raiders ", featured in the sixth and final season of the original series, The Flintstones .

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