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  1. The Game Of Their Lives - USA v England 1950 | Soccerphile

    Like 'The Game of Their Lives', 'Das Wunder von Bern' was about a team winning against the odds. It also successfully mirrored the World Cup campaign with kitchen-sink depictions of post-war German family life and struggling lives in the steel-town of Essen, home to the winning goalscoring hero Helmut Rahn.

  2. The Game of Their Lives (2005 film) - Wikipedia

    The Game of Their Lives received mostly negative reviews from critics. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 26% based on reviews from 35 critics, and reports an average rating of 4.6 out of 10.

    • April 22, 2005
    • Howard Baldwin, Karen Elise Baldwin, Greg Johnson, Peter Newman, Ginger T. Perkins

    Some were pros, but even then one could not make a living playing pro soccer in the United States. Most were amateurs who make just a few hundred dollars a year from their soccer. England, on the other hand, defending world champion, was the favorite in the 1950 cup and regarded as the greatest team ever to play soccer in the history of the sport.

  4. The Game of Their Lives movie review (2005) | Roger Ebert

    Apr 22, 2005 · "The Game of their Lives" tells the story of an astonishing soccer match in 1950, when an unsung team of Americans went to Brazil to compete in the World Cup, and defeated England, the best team in the world.

  5. ‘The Game of Their Lives’ (2005) in a historic USMNT win

    May 17, 2014 · Maybe like me, you fell asleep during The Game of Their Lives (retitled The Miracle Match on DVD) when it played on the big screen in Apr-2005. Although directed and written by the same guys who did Hoosiers , the pace is very slow in this telling of the USA victory over England at World Cup 1950.

  6. The Game of their Lives - St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame

    St. Louis has a long history as one of the major hotbeds of Soccer in the United States. During the early years of Soccer, St. Louis was the Western outpost of the major Soccer regions, as immigrant communities brought their game to the major industrial center of the country.

  7. Ireland need the 'game of their lives' against Germany

    Sport Journalist Diane Caldwell admits that the Republic of Ireland will have to have the 'game of their lives' in order to beat Germany in Saturday's Women's Euro 2021 qualifier, but the defender...

  8. The Miracle Match: Wes Bentley, Gerard Butler ...

    Soccer kids will enjoy the film, but others better stick to Geoffrey Douglas's book, The Game of Their Lives, the film's original title (and mistakenly left on the end credits). --Doug Thomas Product details

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