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  1. The Hole in the Ground - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · "The Hole in the Ground" is a comic song written by Myles Rudge and composed by Ted Dicks. When recorded by Bernard Cribbins and released by EMI on the Parlophone label in 1962, it was a number nine hit in the UK Singles Chart and remains his highest charting and the most successful of his three hit singles, staying on the chart for 13 weeks.

    • The Common Indian Monitor Lizard or the Bengal monitor coming out of its hole in the ground.
    • Top 5 Most Terrifying Creatures From Celtic Folklore
    • 5 Giant Underground Creatures Caught On Camera
    • Solifugid (Camel Spider) digging a hole
  2. Groundhog Day (film) - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · The film was retitled in France and Brazil where it was known, respectively, as A Day Without End and The Black Hole of Love. Box office. In North America, Groundhog Day received a wide release on February 12, 1993, across 1,640 theaters. The film earned $12.5 million—an average of $7,632 per theater.

  3. Grounded Videos - Horrible Vyonders Wiki

    Jul 31, 2020 · Some reasons include calling someone by their full name, farting in class, chewing bubblegum, bringing an NC-17 rated movie to school, failing a pop quiz, getting a math problem wrong, not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day, eating all of the cake on someone's (a user that the creator likes) birthday, calling someone's voice ugly, etc.

  4. Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen! - Super ...
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    The movie opens with Mario playing a video game on a Famicom. Luigi goes to bed because it is late, but Mario continues playing the game. Suddenly, the screen changes, and the player character is replaced by a girl in a dress fighting and fleeing various Mario enemies. In a panic, she teleports out of the television, to Mario's surprise. After narrowly dodging a mob of enemies, she explains that she is Princess Peach and she wants Mario to protect her. King Koopa then appears on the TV screen...

    1. Toru Furuya — Mario 2. Yū Mizushima — Luigi 3. Junko Hori — Lakitu, Miss Endless 4. Shigeru Chiba — Kibidango 5. Masami Kikuchi — Haru-ōji 6. Kōhei Miyauchi — Kinoko Sennin 7. Keaton Yamada — Hammer Bro 8. Yuriko Yamamoto — Toad 1 9. Hiroko Emori — Toad 2 10. Hiroko Maruyama — Goomba A 11. Kazue Komiya — Goomba B 12. Reiko Nakano — Paratroopa Parent 13. Berries (Hiromi Ōnishi Blueberry/Maki Itō Raspberry/Chiemi Matsumoto Strawberry) — Paratroopa Children 14. Tetsuo Mizutori/Masaharu Satō...

    The movie's soundtrack consists of the following songs:SIDE A 1. Mario the Great (マリオ・ザ・グレート) 2. Doki-Doki Do it ~Dizzy in Love Romance Version~ (ドキ・ドキDo it ~スキスキクラクラ恋愛編~) 3. Dream, Dream, Dream... (夢・夢・夢・・・) 4. Doki-Doki Do it, ~Snap Smack Rock'n Roll School Version~ Instrumental (ドキ・ドキDo it ~ビシっとバシっとRock'n Roll学校編~ インスト) 5. The Koopas' Scheme (カメ・一族の陰謀) 6. Adieu, My Love ~Grand Theme: My Feelings~ (アデュ・マイラブ ~グランドテーマ 僕の気持ち)SIDE B 1. Doki-Doki Do it ~Snap Smack Rock'n Roll School Version~ (ドキ...

    Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen! was a production of Grouper Studios as a tie-in to the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2 (later known as Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels). The mushrooms that cause ill effects in the film may even be a reference to the Poison Mushroom. It is believed that a song in the movie went unused (VS. Super Mario Bros. name selection); however, this is incorrect. It is heard at the scene when Luigi is eating mushrooms.The film was released theatrically on July...

    In addition to the aforementioned merchandise, there was much more merchandise produced based on the film, all of which are rare. The following are photos of all the Mario anime merchandise. 1. Reverse of the VHS tape 2. Spine of the VHS tape 3. Art book cover 4. A height chart featuring the various characters in the film. 5. Early Mario and Luigi sketches 6. Various merchandise and furikake are shown in the art book. 7. Super Mario furikake advertisement 8. Soundtrack cover 9. Picture Book c...

    1. This is one of the first instances in any media Luigi is depicted taller than Mario, something that would not be accentuated worldwide until the release of the western Super Mario Bros. 2. 1. On a similar note, it is also one of the first instances to depict Peach as being taller than Mario by default, as while the first Super Mario Bros. does depict her as being taller than Mario in his small form, it at the same time depicted her as being shorter than his super form (with the Deluxe por...

    1. The cover artwork has some deviant character designs, notably Haru, the Mushroom People, and Luigi's shirt being red instead of yellow, which makes his outfit resemble Mario's outfit from Mario Bros. arcade. 2. Mario demonstrates the fire flower power-up by defeating Buzzy Beetles with fireballs, but they are immune to fire in the games. 3. When Mario is seeing Luigi laughing because of the \\"laughing\\" mushrooms, in one frame, Luigi's hair is not painted. 4. During the scene where Mario an...

    1. This is one of the few animated works to show Princess Peach with blonde hair (reflecting her concept art and her current appearance). The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and other related cartoon shows by DIC Entertainment depicted Princess Toadstool as a redhead, like how she appeared in the original game due to the NES/Famicom only being able to handle four colors (counting transparency) per sprite due to the Picture Processing Unit (PPU)'s limitation. 2. As noted above, this is one of t...

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  6. 5 days ago · View the latest status of the ozone layer over the Antarctic, with a focus on the ozone hole. Satellite instruments monitor the ozone layer, and we use their data to create the images that depict the amount of ozone. Click any map image to bring up a new page with a high-resolution image.

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  8. 2020 is a leap year starting on Wednesday in the Gregorian calendar and is the current year. It is the first year of the 2020s.It is the 20th year of the 21st century.. The 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic has led to severe global economic and social disruption.

  9. Party Royale - Fortnite Wiki

    2 days ago · Party Royale is a Battle Royale Limited Time Mode that was added in v12.50.In this mode, there is no PvP or building. Instead you can play various mini-games or just hang out with friends and random players.

  10. Iron Golem – Official Minecraft Wiki
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    Since Java Edition 1.14, an iron golem spawns based on villager gossip at a gathering point. The villager who starts the gossip must have a profession that is not nitwit, slept in the last 24000 ticks, been to their job site block in the last 36000 ticks, gossiped 5 times about the need for an iron golem, and have four other villagers within 80 blocks. The Iron Golem then has a chance to spawn in a 16×6×16 area centered on the location of the villager who spread the gossip. Iron golems are ab...

    Iron golems drop when they die: 1. 3–5 Iron ingots 2. 0–2 poppiesThe Looting enchantment is ineffective against iron golems as it does not give any extra iron ingots or poppies when killed.

    Iron golems are 2.7 blocks tall and 1.4 blocks wide.Iron golems wander around a village in a patrol-like fashion, staying close to the edges of buildings and other structures. Like villagers, iron golems do not wander away from a village, regardless of how they were spawned. An iron golem sometimes faces a villager as if they are speaking to each other. Iron golems are able to spawn poppies in their hands and offer them to villagers, symbolizing the friendly relationship between the villagers...

    1. The iron golem's holding out flowers to villagers is a reference to the ancient robots in Hayao Miyazaki's animated film Laputa: Castle in the Sky. When villager children notice the poppy in its hand, they slowly approach, and take the flower eventually. Iron golems do not actually pick up poppies; they spawn them in their hands. 2. Tamed wolves continue to attack iron golems even after the iron golems have turned passive towards the player. 3. If a player throws an ender pearl at an iron...

    1. An iron golem offers a villager a poppy. 2. An iron golem offers a poppy to several villager children. 3. An iron golem attacking a spider by throwing it into the air. 4. An iron golem attacking the player. 5. Spawn boundaries of the village, in case of a single house. If an iron golem exits these boundaries, it detaches from the village and a new one can spawn.

  11. Creeper – Official Minecraft Wiki

    4 days ago · At the far end of the map in Stick RPG2, a smiling creeper can be seen in a hole at ground level. One of the things the player can hit in Katawa Crash is a creeper. In the game Transformice, there is a creeper head that the player may purchase as a hat for their mouse. Other games