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  1. The Hole in the Ground — Wikipédia

    The Hole in the Ground est un film d'horreur irlandais coécrit et réalisé par Lee Cronin, sorti en 2019. Le film a été présenté en première mondiale au Festival de Sundance le 25 janvier 2019. Il est sorti le 1 er mars 2019 par Wildcard Distribution en Irlande et par Vertigo Releasing au Royaume-Uni.

  2. Hobbit-holes, otherwise called Smials, were the preferred dwellings of Hobbits in the Shire, the ancient mortal race inhabiting Middle-earth. They were holes dug into the hillside, usually have a minimum of one round window and front door and sometimes back door. It was the primarily wealthy families of Hobbits built Smials, spacious and luxurious tunnels, a souped-up version of a Hobbit-hole ...

  3. Hole in 10 | Ben 10 Wiki | Fandom

    Hole in 10 is the twenty-eighth episode of Ben 10. Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max go to a mini-golf course that looks like a miniature town, but are soon interrupted by the Ground Hawg Gang. The gang, thinking that the course is a real town, try to destroy it!

  4. Andrew Detmer | Chronicle(film) Wiki | Fandom

    The three explore a mysterious hole in the ground that emits a strange noise. The three boys enter the hole with Andrew doubting that they'll make it and telling them that they probably shouldn't go in, but Steve jumps in without listening to Andrew, and Matt soon follows after, with Andrew reluctantly going after them.

  5. Matt Garetty | Heroes Wiki | Fandom

    Matt Garetty is the main protagonist in the movie Chronicle. He started as the secondary protagonist, but replaced his cousin, Andrew Detmer (original main protagonist turned true main antagonist), in the role of the movie as he turned to darker purposes. Matt is Andrew's more popular cousin. They were close as kids, but they separated in the high school, due to Matt joining the popular crowd ...

  6. The RuneScape Wiki

    The RuneScape and Old School RuneScape Wiki's 2020 Family Photo is done! See you next year :) 19 March 2020. We have a new gadget - a news feed! Access this gadget via the megaphone icon in the top right corner. See Help:Gadget-rsnews to learn more. 2 March 2020. Sign ups for the 2020 RuneScape Wiki Family Photo are now open!

  7. Kores Botha | Villains Wiki | Fandom

    He is eventually kicked through a hole within the ground and drops the grenade, falling mid-air in which the grenade eventually explodes killing him and ending his terrorism. Trivia In one scene in the movie, Botha tells Sawyer that it's easy to find a man's weakness, claiming that Zhao's weakness was the Pearl and Sawyer's weakness was his family.

  8. Groundhog Wakeup Call | Wild Kratts Wiki | Fandom

    Jul 25, 2013 · "Groundhog Wakeup Call", is the 25th episode of the second season of Wild Kratts, originally airing on PBS Kids on July 25, 2013. Overall, it is the 65th episode of the series. The episode was written and directed by Martin Kratt. In this episode, Aviva meets a young groundhog while she and the other Wild Kratts are enjoying springtime. She is then inspired to make a Groundhog Creature Power ...

  9. Poltergeist (1982) | Horror Film Wiki | Fandom

    Poltergeist is an American 1982 horror film, directed by Tobe Hooper, produced by Steven Spielberg, and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer on June 4, 1982. It is the first and most successful of the Poltergeist film trilogy, and was nominated for three Academy Awards. The film was ranked as#80 on Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments and the Chicago Film Critics Association named it the 20th ...

  10. Scar Snout | Antagonists Wiki | Fandom

    Scar Snout is the main antagonist of the 1998 animated film The Rugrats Movie, despite having little screen time. He is a vicious wolf who lives in the forest located somewhere near the Pickles' residence and enjoys hunting his prey for sport. He is the archenemy of Spike while he is also feared by a gang of circus monkeys along with the Rugrats. His vocal sound effects were provided by Frank ...