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  1. The Incredible Hulk (film)

    The Incredible Hulk (film)

    PG-132008 · Action · 1h 52m
  1. Incredible Hulk, American comic strip character created for Marvel Comics by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. The towering muscle-bound antihero debuted in the bimonthly series The Incredible Hulk in May 1962. The Hulk was a hybrid of two popular comic book genres—monsters and superheroes.

  2. Jun 13, 2008 · Overview. In this new beginning, scientist Bruce Banner desperately hunts for a cure to the gamma radiation that poisoned his cells and unleashes the unbridled force of rage within him: The Hulk. Living in the shadows--cut off from a life he knew and the woman he loves, Betty Ross--Banner struggles to avoid the obsessive pursuit of his nemesis ...

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    Regeneration. Shockwave generation. Gamma ray emission and manipulation. The Hulk is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in the debut issue of The Incredible Hulk (May 1962).

  4. The Incredible Hulk - TV Series. Dr. David Bruce Banner, a fugitive scientist, has the curse of becoming a powerful green monster under extreme emotional stress. He is the Incredible Hulk.

  5. Bruce Banner faces a nightmarish enemy after he is forced out of hiding.

  6. The Incredible Hulk. Scientist Bruce Banner is living in the shadows, scouring the planet for an antidote. But the warmongers who dream of abusing his powers won't leave him alone. 39,050IMDb 6.61 h 52 min2008. X-RayHDRUHD13+.

  7. Synopsis. Scientist Bruce Banner scours the planet for an antidote to the unbridled force of rage within him: the Hulk. But when the military masterminds who dream of exploiting his powers force him back to civilization, he finds himself coming face to face with a new, deadly foe.

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